Update, March 1, 8:20 pm:

It is not only Trump's failed attempt to end TPS for hundreds of thousands of brown immigrants and his lies about a fictitious "border crisis" that are violating immigrants human rights on a very large scale.

Beyond TPS, DACA, the Wall and Trump's totalitarian "national emergency" declaration, there is the agenda of one man, Stephen Miller, who is determined to destroy the heart of our legal immigration system in order to keep brown people out of the US to the greatest extent possible.

I will have more to say about Miller and his racist agenda in forthcoming comments.

In the meantime, a November 8 oped piece by California Democratic Representative Jimmy Gomez, who serves one of the most diverse districts in the nation, is an excellent summary of the danger that Miller and his agenda pose to all non-white immigration in America, especially by immigrants seeking legal visas and green cards.

See: nbcnews.com

Trump's immigration reform architect Stephen Miller operates beyond oversight

My earlier comment follows:

The Trump administration has agreed to follow the court order of a California federal district judge, Edward Chen, directing DHS to extend TPS protection for several hundred thousand Haitians, Central Americans and Sudanese immigrants who have been living in the US for many years and have long-standing ties to this country.

Judge Chen had condemned the administration's attempt to terminate TPS, in part because of evidence that the decision to do so was based on racial "animus" against non-white immigrants.

The TPS extension, while temporary and subject to further court action by the administration, which is not easily giving up on Trump's goal of expelling as many non-white immigrants as possible, still represents a major victory for internationally recognized immigrant human rights.

These include the right against "refoulement", i.e. the right not to be sent back to their home countries where immigrants would face dangerous conditions; and the right to protection against racial discrimination.

For more about the TPS extension, see:

The Hill (2/28):

DHS extends immigration protection for four countries amid court battles


Unfortunately, Trump's continuing demonization of Central American immigrants as "criminals" who are "causing America's drug problems" and "murdering US citizens" when most studies show that they have a lower crime rate than native born Americans, amount to serious violations of their fundamental human right to freedom from racial bigotry, hatred and discrimination.

Roger Algase

Attorney at Law