Update, March 1, 8:58 am:

The progressive Jewish website Tikkun has an incisive study by a leading authority on the history of fascism, professor Henry A. Giroux, dated November 6, 2018, showing how Trump is reaching "deep into the abyss of fascist politics" with his attacks on non-white immigrants.

Giroux writes, with reference to Trump's attacks on immigrants and other minorities

"While campaigning for the mid-term elections, President Trump, without apology, reached deep into the abyss of fascist politics and displayed a degree of racism, hatred and ignorance that should send alarm bells ringing across the globe. Trump refuses to acknowledge how his rhetoric, rallies and interviews have fanned the flames of racism and anti-Semitism. Instead, he blames the media for the violence, calls his political rivals enemies, labels immigrants as invaders...Trump is the endpoint of a culture of...the criminalization of entire groups of people."

For the full article, see: Trump and the Ghosts of the Past in Fascist America


Trump's Wall is part of this wider reach into the fascist playbook for America.

My earlier comments follow:

Update, February 28:

For a late report on horrendous neglect and human rights abuses against brown immigrants in DHS custody, including but by no means limited to the delivery of a stillborn baby of a 24-year old Honduran woman, see Dahlia Lithwick, slate.com, February 27:

Who counts at the border?


My original comment follows below:

In July, 2018, a reporter named Peter Stevens, writing for a site called dotnews.com referred to Trump's infamous policy, later abandoned under intense and widespread public pressure of separating Central American and other brown immigrant children from their parents and locking them in cages and camps, as "Descending into the abyss of autocracy"


Stevens wrote:

"The message is that child abuse of kids who are not white and are 'the other' is fine - because President Trump decrees it. He knows that hatred, division, bigotry, and racism are the glue of his success."

Even though this article was written more than six months before Trump's "national security" declaration for the purpose of funding his border Wall, the Wall is part of Trump's same overall agenda of keeping brown immigrants, (including those seeking asylum or other legal means of coming to the US, such as work or family sponsored visas) out of the US by any means possible.

By openly defying Congress, which has expressly refused funding for the Wall, and the US Constitution's separation of powers in order to build the Wall, Trump is leading America into to the same Abyss of Autocracy just as he tried to do with his brutal and sadistic child separation policy, which sought to "deter" brown immigrants from coming to the US by carrying out what amounted to psychological torture of their children.

But Trump's Wall is not only a danger to America's system of constitutional democracy, separation of powers and rule of law which have been part of the Western tradition of freedom and human rights for more that 2,000 years going back to ancient Athens and the Roman Republic.(as Vanderbilt University Professor Susan Ford Wiltshire shows in her 1992 book Greece, Rome and the Bill of Rights).

Trump's Wall is also built on a foundation of hatred and violence against non-white immigrants at the US-Mexican border which goes back at least to the 1970's if not much earlier, as author Greg Grandin writes in The Guardian on February 28 See:

How violent American vigilantes at the border led to Trump's wall


Grandin begins with the year 1977, when the KKK, led by a 27-year old David Duke, set up the first "border watch" - one of many - with the support of border patrol agents, to snipe at and intimidate Latino and Vietnamese immigrants.

Grandin also writes that between 1988 and 1990, 100 migrants had been murdered in San Diego County alone. He also writes:

"The border patrol, for its part, continued being what it had been since its founding: a frontline instrument of white supremacist power. Patrollers regularly engaged in beatings, murder, torture and rape, inlcuding the rape of girls as young as 12."

No one is blaming Donald Trump for originating policies of brutality toward non-white immigrants at the US border. This has taken place under every president at least since the 1970's up to now. But as Grandin's article, which I will discuss further in upcoming comments and which is essential reading to understand the background of the Wall issue and why it is so important to Trump and his supporters, shows there is a long tradition of anti immigrant racism and violence behind Trump's Wall.

It is not a tradition that Americans should be proud of.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law