POLITICO reports on February 11 that, in the face of Congressional refusal to provide additional funding for his border Wall, and warnings that a "national emergency" declaration would likely be blocked by the courts, Trump is now looking for ways to redirect money to the Wall by taking funds away from military spending and disaster relief through executive orders. See:

'It will create a firestorm': Mulvaney's border wall cash grab sparks dissent in White House


However, according to the same report, even Trump's most die-hard anti-immigrant White House advisers are warning that redirecting funds by executive order without Congressional approval would very likely be struck down by the courts.

Therefore, while Trump reportedly considers weighty issues such as which American soldiers to deprive of funding that Congress has directed to be used to support their mission, or whether to take away disaster relief funds from Republican-controlled Texas as well as Democratic-controlled California, one conclusion becomes inescapable.

In one way or another - whether directly, through stepped up arrests and deportation of their parents, spouses or other close family members, and increased barriers to legal immigration by badly needed foreign workers; or indirectly, through the recent disastrous shutdown. or contemplated redirecting funding from essential domestic programs - not to mention damage to our society and democracy caused by increasing racial tensions and legislating by executive decree rather than through Congress as the Constitution requires - the American people - not just immigrants - are big losers in Trump's fixation on taking America back to the whites-only immigration policies of 1924.

Trump's border Wall is only the most prominent symbol of this agenda.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law