Update: January 22, 12:48 am:

On can spin one's wheels endlessly arguing over whether Trump's latest offer of temporary DACA and TPS relief in return for funding some version of Trump's border Wall, partial or full length, is worthwhile for immigrants and their supporters to consider

The reality is that the idea of compromise over the Wall has no chance on either side. There is no serious argument to be made that the Wall is anything other than a symbol of hatred against brown immigrants.

Trump's own statements from the day he first proposed the Wall as a candidate have made clear that the only real motivation for the Wall is the same "animus" against Latino and other non-white immigrants that got Trump into trouble with his Muslim ban in the lower courts.

In that case a narrow 5-4 the Supreme Court majority bailed him out with many reservations about his using a "national security" fig leaf pretext to tear up the Constitution's guarantee of religious freedom. How much "animus" and hatred against brown immigrants will the courts let him pass off under the guise of "national security" or "border security" in the future?

How much longer will the shutdown-devastated people of America continue to put up with Trump's bigotry and mortal threat to democracy, egged on by the Ann Coulters, Steve Kings. Rush Limboughs, Sean Hannitys and Stephen Millers of this world?

Trump's Bigoted Base will never accept any concessions to immigrants in order to get the Wall. In their view, what good is it to build $5.7 billion worth of racism and hate if Trump has to do something to help even a single brown-skinned DACA or TPS immigrant in return?

This is why there can be no compromise over the Wall. Be cause of what it stands for, this is an all or nothing battle.

My original comment follows.

On this holiday honoring one of the very greatest of all Americans, Martin Luther King Jr., it is tempting to write about the yawning abyss which separates Dr. King from Donald Trump concerning racial equality.and justice.

There could not possibly be a greater divide between Dr. King's most famous speech of all, "I Have a Dream" in 1963, as a shining symbol of human rights regardless of skin color or ancestry, and Trump's relentless vilification of brown and black immigrants in support of his Wall.

As it happens, I had the honor of being able to play a small role in helping to prepare a lawsuit which the small civil rights law firm I was working for as a recent Harvard Law School graduate was engaged in on Dr. King's behalf involving the exclusive commercial rights to that speech

It is almost impossible to express one's sadness over the contrast between the broad humanity of all people regardless of race or color that Dr, King expressed in that speech as contrasted with the speeches of our current president more than 55 years later arguing that Latino and other non white immigrants should be barred from the US as agents of "crime", drugs" and "terror"

Today, instead of hearing Martin Luther KIng's stirring voice of freedom and equality n Washington today, we are hearing the voice of a different King, Rep. Steve King, (R-Iowa) saying that there is nothing wrong with being a white supremacist - a voice echoed by the president himself and a small, but fanatic group of like-minded television pundits and White House advisers.

It is almost unbelievable how for America has fallen from the stirring ideals of Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous speech in 1963 In my next comment, I will show that Donald Trump's Wall is only the most visible of many "Walls" that America has built against minority immigrants, from the time of the Chinese exclusion laws in the 1880's to the anti-Semitic "Nordics-only" national origins immigration act of 1924, to Trump's invisible "Wall" against legal immigrants from outside Europe today.

When will America recover the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law