Update: January 19, 7:25 pm:

On the afternoon of January 19, Trump offered to grant temporary 3-year protection to some DACA and TPS holders in exchange for $5.6 billion in Wall funding.

Democratic leaders turned this offer down even before it was made. If Trump is serious about making a deal for Wall funding, he should offer to roll back his entire agenda of drastic restrictions against legal immigration - including but not limited to his plan change the Public Charge rules to make it impossible for millions of mainly non-white family based legal immigrants to qualify for green cards.

There is a long list of administrative actions that the Trump administration has taken to make it harder for non-European immigrants to obtain legal status - amounting to an invisible Wall against legal immigration.

If Trump wants even one more brick of his visible Wall to go up, let him tear down his invisible Wall - including, by the way, revoking the Muslim Ban, among many other actions his administration has taken to bar non-white legal immigrants from the US.

My earlier update follows:

Former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holzman (D - NY) writes in a December 14, 2018 Newsweek article that Trump's inhuman border child separation policy last summer should be considered as grounds for impeachment based on abuse of power.

Holtzman writes that one of Trump's avowed purposes in carrying out this brutal "torture" of Latin American children was to force the Democrats to give into his demand for legislative changes in immigration, including building the Wall. She writes:

"The separation of children from parents for political gain is a great and dangerous offence."

She also writes:

"A president who so deliberately, cruelly and casually inflicted serious mental and psychological harm on thousands - manifestly on an ethnic basis, as a deterrent to others and as a political tool to get legislation passed without regard to the rights of the children and parents - has subverted the Constitution."


Donald Trump impeachment inquiry should begin, even before Russia investigation ends


If Trump's infamous child separation policy was an abuse of power, isn't shutting down large parts of the government and causing severe hardship and suffering to millions of loyal, hardworking federal employees and other Americans, using an utterly phony "border security crisis" as an excuse to build a Wall of bigotry and hate against non-white immigrants, an even more egregious and impeachable offense?

My original comment follows:

The longest government shutdown in US history is causing appalling suffering to millions of Americans, not just government workers, as The Guardian describes in its January 11 article:

America shuts down: how the federal government closure is impacting millions

In view of the terrible hardship that the shutdown is causing to so many Americans to whom Trump promised a better life when he ran for president, there is an understandable temptation to give into Trump's demands on the Wall, so that the millions of Americans whose shutdown-caused hardships Trump has treated so callously up to now can go back to leading normal lives.

For example, a Chicago Tribune columnist, Rex Huppke, writes:

End the shutdown, give Trump his wall. We need a monument to American stupidity

Certainly, compromising might sound reasonable. After all, the $5 billion that Trump is demanding is small potatoes compared to most government spending these days, and how many miles of Wall will this pay for anyway? Maybe not very many..

But the problem with this kind of appeasement is that the Wall itself is not the real issue.- it is only a symbol of Trump's larger white supremacist immigration agenda. Trump has made clear over and over again, in tweets and speeches too numerous to mention, as a candidate and as president, that he wants far more than just the Wall.

He also wants to change the immigration laws to eliminate extended family immigration - the type of immigration that enabled his own mother, grandfather and wife's parents to immigrate to this country and become Americans..He is also adamant about wanting eliminate the Diversity lottery, many of whose beneficiaries come from what Trump call the "shithole countries" of Africa.

Trump also supports the RAISE Act which would cut legal immigration in half. By executive action, he has already taken many steps to make legal immigration from non-white parts of the world much more difficult, as I and others have written about in more detail previously.

If Trump's opponents in Congress cave on the Wall funding issue out of concern for the millions of middle class and lower income Americans who cannot afford Mar-a Lago membership or Trump International Hotel reservations and are being devastated by the shutdown, what will hold Trump back from adding additional demands on to his demand for the Wall?

Having succeeded in browbeating and intimidating immigration supporters into giving into his demand for Wall funding, why would he hesitate to demand acquiescence to other parts of his anti-immigrant agenda as well?

Anyone who thinks that giving Donald Trump his $5 billion in Wall funding to end the government shutdown will be a solution has not been following Donald Trump's immigration agenda very carefully.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law