Update: December 20, 4:37 pm:

According to multiple news reports, Trump, under pressure from his white supremacist base, has reneged on his earlier indications that he would sign a stopgap funding full without money for his Wall obsession in order to avoid a pre-Christmas government shutdown.

More than ever, it is becoming obvious that, not only the Wall, but Trump's entire immigration agenda is about one issue and one issue only - establishing America as a nation of white supremacy which is closed to brown and black immigrants, and where minority American citizens have few if any rights compared to white ones.

My earlier comment follows:

The Washington Post reports that President Donald Trump has just won a major victory in reforming America's harsh and punitive drug sentencing laws with overwhelming Congressional approval in both parties. This is a major advance in the human rights of US drug offenders, for which the president unquestionably deserves credit.

(Of course, there is no news of any corresponding attempt to reform the outrageously harsh provisions of the INA, which bar immigrants for life or lead to their deportation for the most trivial types of drug offenses.)

But at the same time, Trump is trying to bring back the darkest age of American anti-immigrant bigotry by violating the internationally recognized human rights of asylum-seekers at the US Mexican border. This is the only explanation for his Quixotic attempts to seek funding for his Border Wall obsession, despite the obvious lack of support by leaders in either party.

While political leaders and immigration officials affiliated with both parties have criticized Trump's Wall as "ineffective", "wasteful", and unnecessary", few have spoken out against the openly bigoted and cruel anti-immigrant agenda toward of which his Wall proposal is a centerpiece.

One of the few who have spoken out is Margaret Huang, Executive Director of Amnesty International U.S.A. See, The Hill: December 18:

US risks human rights abuses by funding border wall.


Huang begins with the following:

"Make no mistake, the funds the president is seeking will do nothing more than perpetuate a crisis of the president's own making that defies international law and discriminates against desperate families and individuals fleeing violence. Not only should the the wall not be given one more cent, but funds should b withheld from [CPB and ICE] until rigorous congressional oversight ensures an end to human rights violations designed to keep asylum-seekers out of the U.S. altogether.

Huang continues:

"Even Trump's claims of being willing to allow people in who 'come legally' are patently false. Amnesty International's research show that applicants are unlawfully and incorrectly being told by U.S. agents that they can't apply for asylum even before they reach an official port of entry. Even those who present themselves at ports of entry face another obstacle. The administration is only processing a few dozen applications a day, deliberately creating a backlog so people are forced to choose between enduring unsanitary and unsafe conditions for a prolonged period of time in Mexico or returning to danger in their hpme countries."

She then summarizes:

"Simply put, Mexico is not a safe country for all asylum seekers. More often than not it is instead a willing partner with the USA in violating the human rights of these asylum seekers. Both governments are enacting policies to cause harm to people already criminalized and demonized for doing what any one of us would do in their situation...

and continues:

The Trump administration is not just shirking its international duty to consider asylum for people fleeing danger and persecution. It is willfully creating human rights violation by creating dangerous conditions that are designed to keep people away entirely. These inhumane actions must not be allowed to stand."

For further details of Executive Director Huang's statement, see the above link.

Just as President Trump has a great deal to answer for in his cruel and inhuman failed child separation policy, also referred to in her above article, Trumo will also have to explain why he is violating the human rights of brown immigrants, even as he deserves praise for protecting the human rights of American drug offenders of all ethnic backgrounds and skin colors.

Hopefully, the incoming Democratic-controlled House of Representatives will have more than a few questions to ask the President and his top immigration advisers, such as Stephen Miller, about their agenda of keeping non-white legal, not only only "irregular", immigrants out of the United States by any means possible, no matter what cruelties and human rights abuses may be involved along the way.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law