Are Donald Trump's endless attacks on non-white immigrants as "criminals", "rapists", "MS-13", "terrorists" and "animals" who are "infesting" America, not only through irregular entry or overstaying visas, but through legal channels such as what Trump has called "horrible chain migration",, lawful asylum applications, or H-1B visas, only rhetoric, or are they policy declarations which could ultimately lead to the overthrow of our democracy?

Professor Henry Giroux of McMastar University in Ontario, an expert on fascism who has written numerous books dealing with authoritarianism and other cultural issues, argues that Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric is not just talk, but is a serious threat to America's democracy.

While many commentators on Trump's immigration agenda prefer to use euphemisms about the threat to democracy such as "abuse of power" "exceeding limits" or "Constitutional crisis" Professor Giroux doesn't mince words in the title of his latest (November 25) article on the site the dealing with the use of fear and hatred of "the other" as a tactic to overthrow democracy. See:

Trump's fascist efforts to demolish democracy

Giroux states at the beginning of his article::

"Driven by a hatred of 'the other' and infused with narratives of decline and victimization, fascist politics trade in and incendiary rhetoric of fear demonization and violence.

It creates divisions by targeting groups it defines as criminal, less than human, and then expands its hate-mongering to other groups as part of an attempt to deepen and expand a culture of terror, insecurity and disposability." readers will not have much difficulty seeing a resemblance to Trump's beginning with an attack on Mexican and other Latino immigrants as "criminals" and "rapists", then moving on to a ban on as many as 200,000 potential immigrants, students or visitors from targeted Muslim countries as "terrorists"; and then expanding to an attempt to destroy much of our legal immigration system.

By calling for the abolition of "chain migration", creating procedural obstacles to obtaining H-1B and other skilled and professional visas and green cards; and most recently, attempting to exclude potentially millions of legal immigrants, mainly from outside Europe, on wildly distorted and inflated "Public Charge" grounds, Trump has made it unmistakably clear that his attacks on immigrants are not primarily aimed at enforcing the laws against irregular immigration, but at drastically reducing America's non-white immigrant population in general.

Professor Giroux continues:

"One recent example can be found in U.S. president Donald Trump's ongoing escalation of attacks on migrants. He has referred to the caravan of refugees from Central America as an invading criminal force against which he is mobilizing as many as 15,000 troops, more than currently serve in Afghanistan...

Prior to the midterm elections, he called immigrants 'predatory' and 'the worst scum in the world'.

Giroux adds:

"Trump's language does more than promote a decline in civility, it also advocates state terrorism while functioning as a savage nod to his most extremist base of support.

For instance, he has threatened to order U.S. soldiers to shoot migrants and refugees from Central America if they throw rocks at them. In addition, he has pledged to use an executive order to rewrite the U.S. Constitution and annul birthright citizenship."

Giroux concludes:

"Trump has unleashed what Frankfort School theorist Theodore Adorno once called an 'authoritarian irrationality,' the dark and menacing underside of a racist and totalitarian psychology and politics.

Trump may not be Adolf Hitler, but there are disturbing similarities in his language and reactionary policies...

Campaigning for the midterm elections, Trump reached for the fascist playbook and calculatedly promoted racism, hatred and ignorance in a cynical move that should send alarms ringing across the globe."

It is not only the future of America as a country that welcomes immigrants from all over the world, regardless of race. color, religion or national origin that is threatened by Trump's anti-immigrant agenda. America's democracy itself is at risk of being overturned.