Immigrants and their supporters will certainly eep no tears over the long expected departure of Jeff Session as attorney general as part of Trump's efforts to place himself above the law and protect himself from investigation into matters which are not directly related to immigration and therefore beyond the scope of this comment.

It is difficult to imagine how any attorney general could have carried out Trump's war on brown immigrants with greater brutality, authoritarianism or disregard for basic human rights.

One commentator sums up Sessions' agenda of inflicting as much suffering as possible on as many non-white immigrants as possible as follows:

"Sessions' attack on immigrants was equally ruthless. He compelled immigration judges to order the deportation of more unauthorized immigrants and punished them when they did not. He barred most victims of domestic violence from seeking asylum in the United States, deporting survivors back to their persecutors. He attempted to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, subjecting hundreds of thousands of young immigrants to deportation...He tried to prevent states and cities from protecting immigrants within their borders.And he implemented the 'xero tolerance'separation policy, imprisoning thousands of individuals at the border for the misdemeanor of unlawful entry, then sizing their children and locking them up in cages. (Hunfreds of these kids are still separated from their parents.)

The above commentator continues:

Meanwhile Sessions mobilized the DOJ's attorney's to torture immigrant minors in other ways. He fought in court to keep undocumented immigrant minors pregnant against their will...And when the American Civil Liberties Union defeated this position in court his DOJ launched a failed legal assault on individual ACLU lawyers fir daring to defend their clients.:

See, Slate Magazine November 7::

Jeff Sessions made America a cruel, more brutal, place. Good Riddance -politics/2018/11/jeff-sessions-donald-trump-resign-disgrace.html

Of course, as mentioned above, Sessions' inhuman on assault on the basic human tights of immigrants who dared to come to or remain in the US despite not having Donald Trump's preferred white skin color was not the reason for his humiliating firing by Trump, who fully supported Sessions' cruelty until Sessions himself became an obstacle to Trump's drive for absolute power.

At the same time that Trump kicked Sessions out, Trump also vowed to defy any attempt by the new House Docrati majority to investigate any aspect of his administration. This, of course, would include the long list of actions that Trump has taken sow fear an terror in immigrant communities and drastically reduce immigration from non-white pats of the world.

Sessions,arguably, did more than any other single individual to put Trump in power by formulating a coherent, though extreme, anti-immigrant agenda for Trump to run on. and to put into effect after taking power. Now that Sessions has become in the way of Trumps imperial ambitions, rather rgan a help, he has been shoved aside, in the manner of authoritarian regimes throughout history.

But he will not be missed.