Obviously, Donald Trump does not have trains ready to take millions of brown immigrants or their US-born children off to death camps to be exterminated, and nothing he has ever said or done would give the slightest reason to believe that he would ever have such a monstrous goal.

But, as University of Louisiana at Lafayette Associate History professor points out in a September 4 article for History News Network, the Holocaust against the Jews did not begin with Auschwitz. It began instead, with the 1936 Nuremberg Laws stripping German Jews, even those who were well integrated i to German society and whose ancestors had lived in Germany for many years, of their German citizenship? Professor Frankel argues very convincingly that there is.

Is there a parallel to these infamous laws in Donald Trump's attempts to strip thousands of Hispanic US citizens born along the US border of their citizenship, and even more ominously, overthrow the 14th Amendment's guarantee of birthright citizenship for all US born children?

While Professor Frankel does not write about birthright citizenship specifically, but only about the Trump's administration's refusal to give US passports to thousands of Latino US citizens born along the US border, his warning of the resemblance to the Nuremberg Laws is just as valid, if not even more so, regarding Trump's attempt to abolish birthright citizenship for millions of Latino and other brown children born to immigrant parents see:

Donald Trump's Latest Immigration Outrage


Frankel writes:

"Those who have found the growing number of comparisons to Nazi Germany distasteful or far-fetched must realize that we are now squarely in that territory.Hitler did not start with Auschwitz. With Germany's Jews, be began with exclusion and then turned to expulsion."

Frankel then describes Hitler's progressive actions to strip German citizenship away from the Jews, beginning with recently naturalized Jews from Poland and later moving on to all German Jews

"in October 1938, the interior ministry declared the passports of German Jews to ne invalid. In order to get a new one, they had to have thir old one stamped with the letter "J" to mark (and separate them) as Jews.. And in November, 1941, - just after the start of Jewish deportations to the east, the government issued a law that immediately denaturalized all Jews upon emigration."

-- Frankel continues:

"The Nuremberg Laws, too, while repesenting a key moment in the history of the German Jews, affected many who had considered themselves to be [non-Jews]..Like the Jews, they were now outside the boundary that separated members from non-members. They has stayed quiet, believing themselves to be Germans, and therefore safe."

Frankel then continues:

"Right now there are no trains taking tens of thousands of people to some horrible destination. But that's no reason for complacency. Americans right now are being stripped of their citizenship. They are being legally, if not physically removed from the national community that Donald Trump, Stephen Miller and others hope to forge. They are Hispanic Americans.But for those who are not Hispanic, that is also no reason for complacency. For the president considers many more people- American citizens all - to be undesirable, damaging, dangerous elements who must be removed."

And Frankel concludes:

"It started with Jews in Germany. But we know it did not end with them It;s happening to Hispanic Americans now. Where it goes from here we don't know. What we don know -what history teaches us - is that we cannot allow ourselves to become complacent, comfortable, and worst of all, silent. The lessons of German history came at a horrific cost. Don't squnder thwem because you feel safe. for the truth is, in Trump's America, nobody is."

Asw I pointed out above, this was written before trump's latest attack on birthright citizenship, which would strip on only several thousand Latino Americans who were born near the US border wit Mexico, but tens of millions of Americans non-European ancestry and non-white skin color of their birthright US citizenship.

Since the overwhelming majority of these Americans have non-European ancestry and non-white skin color, the only purpose of tearing up the 14th Amendment, which was drafted in the clearest language possible that has had a plain meaning for at least 2,000 years going back to Roman law, as I have explained in a previous comment, is to exclude (and remove) as many non-white Americans from this nation's community on purely racial grounds, as in Hitler's Germany. with the Jews.

Today's election will be a critically important milestone in deciding whether America will remain a nation open to citizens from every part of the world and of every skin color., or whether it will be limited to a white-only Herrenvolk. as in Nazi Germany.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law