This comment has been revised as of November 4 to respond to Immigration Daily's November 2 editorial about the increase in EB-5 investment fees.

U am not an EB-5 practitioner, but reading the editorial, it seems clear that the purpose of the increase is to destroy the program, or, at the least, target applicants from one particular country, India.

I have only yjr highest respect and esteem for Immigration Daily, and I certainly would not argue with these conclusions. But di no one see this coming. With Trump and Miller's attempts to destroy the rest of the legal immigration system to keep America white, was there any reason to think that EB-5 would be spared?

Therefore I respectfully didagree with the editorial to the extent that itseems to reagrd the RB-5 issue in isolation as if it had nothing to do with the rest of Trump's attempts to destroy the entire legal immigration system/

The only way to cure an illness is to threat the entire disease, not just one symptom/ I will have more to say about this in an upcoming blog comment to appear during the week of November 5

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law