Update: October 24 at 10:18 am

An October 23 article in The Guardian leaves no doubt about the overtly racial intent of Trump's totally fictitious attacks on "caravan" immigrants from Central America as "criminals" and "Middle Easterners" (i.e., terrorists).


'Assault on our country': Trump sows racial division as midterms approach


For a report showing that the Trump administration is totally unable to substantiate his claim that the caravan heading toward the US from Central America includes any criminals or suspected terrorists, let alone any Middle Easterners at all, see:


My original comment appears below.

In my October 22 Immigration Daily comment I pointed out the many ways in which Donald Trump's baseless and unfounded attacks on Latino, African and Middle Eastern immigrants as "criminals" and "terrorists", as shown most recently by his demagogic verbal assaults on a "caravan" of mostly women and children heading toward the US border to try to escape intolerable conditions in their own countries, are forming the basis of major policy actions which are having a devastating effect on legal immigration by applicants in every category. This includes not only family immigrants and less skilled workers, but also the skilled, highly educated immigrants whom Trump and his Congressional supporters claim to favor (as, in, for example, the RAISE act proposal introduced in the House).

But it is not only America's legal immigration system which is in danger from Trump's rhetoric and his administration's agenda, dominated by two fierce opponents of non-white immigration, Stephen Miller and his former boss, attorney general Jeff Sessions. Trump's latest statements about non-white immigration show that democracy itself is in danger, because he identifies all political opposition as nothing but support for illegal immigration leading to increased crime, terror and "mob rule".

The Guardian reports on October 22 that without the slightest shred of evidence, the president is now claiming that the 'caravan' of immigrants from Central America now heading toward the US through Mexico in include "criminals and unknown Middle Easterners" (i.e. terrorists). See:

Trump says he has alerted military to 'national emergency' of migrant caravan


The same report states that Trump is calling this migration of non-white immigrants - at least some of whom may well turn out to have valid asylum claims under our current immigration laws, which Trumps frequently condemns as "weak" and wants to overturn - as a 'national emergency" requiring military intervention.

Time also reports that Trump, again totally without evidence, is blaming the Democrats for helping to organize the caravan, which he calls an "assault on our country". Basedon his false claimthat the Democrats support illegal immigration.Trump is also accusing the Democrats of being dangerous for America and believing in in in the "rule of the mob"not the rule of law.

In a recent speech, Trump also, again based on alleged Democratic support for illegal immigration, as well as for legal visas for family and Diversity immigrants, whom he also repeatedly attacks, Trump compares supporting the Democrats to handing "matches to an arsonist". See:

President Trump's Final Midterm Message Centers on Fear


There is a precedent for these attacks on all political opponents as illegitimate because of their alleged support for a targeted minority group,. A British historian, writing in The Nation last year, recalls Hitler's attacks on his opponents for supporting the "criminal Jews" See Richard J. Evans,

A Warning From History (February 28, 2017)

Describing one of Hitler's speeches, Evans writes:

"When he declared that fines were no use against those he called Jewish criminals, his listeners interrupted with chants of "Beatings! Hangings!"

Evans also writes about Hitler:

"The Jews, he argued, had stabbed the German army in the back in 1918; the politicians of the other parties, he insisted, were venal and corrupt and should be put in jail...liberal newspapers that criticized Hitler were, as Goebbels put it, the 'Jewish lying press'."

Does anyone seriously believe that the resemblances between Hitler's speeches and Trump's frenzied crowds chanting "Build the Wall! Lock her up!" when he attacks Democratic politicians for supporting the rights of immigrants who may not have the same white skin color as the people in "Countries like Norway"; and when he praises a GOP Congressman for attacking a "fake news" journalist, are only coincidental?

For Evans' full article, see:


Roger Algase
Attorney at Law