Update: October 22 at 9:22 pm:

In the short time since the comment below was written, Donald Trump has issued an even more malicious, delusional and dangerous tweet to the effect that "criminals and unknown Middle Easterners" are "mixed in" with the caravan migrants and that the caravan is now a "national emergency" requiring him to call in "the military".

See The Guardian, October 22


Obviously, any increase in the non-white population of America through immigration, even in the tiny amount of a few thousand in a country of 300 million people, is a "national emergency" to Donald Trump.

And what to dictators or would be dictators trying to seize absolute power do when they perceive a "national emergency"? Let us hope that America is not in the process of finding out.

My earlier comment appears below.

The mainstream media outlets, with their usual failure to appreciate the real meaning of Donald Trump's increasingly wild and delusional attacks on Central American, African, and other non-white immigrants, are once again dismissing his latest rants against an "onslaught" of "bad hombres" immigrants, whom America "doesn't want" and who are turning the United States into "one big sanctuary city for criminals", (to quote from his latest campaign rally statements and tweets), are once again dismissing this constant vilification and dehumanization of thousands of primarily women and children trying to escape violence and persecution in their home countries, as just more campaign talk to rally the president's "base" for the coming election. See, for example, The Hill, October 19:

Trump seizes on immigrant 'caravan' for midterm push

https://thehill.com/latino/412148-tr...n-rhetoric-for midterms.

See also, New York Times, October 20:

With Migrant Caravan, Trump Stokes a Familiar Fire: Immigration


and Washington Post, October 19:

'This country doesn't want them': Trump rails against migrants trying to enter the US

(Sorry, I do not have a link to this article - please go to Google to access.)

It would be reassuring to imagine that Trump's constantly escalating attacks on non-European immigrants as "criminals", "terrorists", and "MS-13 gang members" are nothing more than campaign speeches, with no effect on actual immigration policy.

This is, of course, also the argument that the Trump administration is using in federal court when its immigration policies come under attack for violating statutory or constitutional protections against bias based on race or religion, as in the Muslim Ban litigation. It is also true that in the Supreme Court's Trump v. Hawaii decision, the administration was able to avoid any legal consequences for Trump's record of openly biased and hostile campaign statements against a targeted religion by using "national security" as a pretext (despite the openly expressed misgivings of two Justices, Roberts and Kennedy, who ruled in his favor, as shown in their respective opinions).

But anyone who thinks that Trump's endless and escalating verbal assaults on non-white immigrants in general as president have no effect on actual administration policy has either been asleep during the past nearly two years, or else has never heard of two individuals by the name of Stephen Miller or Jeff Sessions.

Nor are the policy consequences of Trump's dehumanizing rhetoric, including referring to brown immigrants as "animals" or rodents who are "infesting" the US - in a dark throwback to a certain German leader who made similar remarks about the Jews, with horrible consequences that will never be forgotten - limited to so-called "illegal" immigrants.

In a telling and comprehensive October 10 article for the American Friends Service Committee, Peniel Ibe describes the many ways in which the Trump administration is destroying America's legal immigration system. This applies not only to Trump's two favorite targets, Diversity Visas and extended family immigration, but also to the highly skilled immigrants whom Trump and Miller falsely claim to be promoting at the expense of other, less favored immigrants.

To summarize the main points in her article, Ibe mentions the following as being under regulatory attack, without seeking permission from Congress: See:

Trump's attacks on the legal immigration system explained

(I do not have a link to this article either - please use Google)

Among the most important items that she lists are:

1) Reducing refugee admissions almost to the vanishing point,

2) Slowing down lawful immigration approvals and admissions, something that every practitioner filing even the most routine applications for legal immigration benefits is now experiencing,

3) Undermining the legal right to asylum, something embedded in both US and international law,

4) The Muslim Ban (see my comment above),

5) Threatening people applying for legal immigration benefits with deportation, and last but by no means least:

6) Inflating the Public Charge inadmissibility provisions to the point where millions of law-abiding, qualified immigrants could be denied green cards and deported for using public benefits which are standard fare among self-supporting middle class and working class Americans.

This leads to the question: will the federal courts step in and connect the dots between Trump's frantic attacks on immigrants who do not happen to have the same white skin color as the ones from "Countries like Norway" which he so obviously and outspokenly prefers, and the draconian, authoritarian policy changes which he is now implementing to destroy the legal immigration system most, if not all, non-European immigrants?

Recently, on October 3, in Ramos v. Nielsen, a federal district judge in San Francisco, Edward Chen, used Trump's biased attacks on immigrants as grounds for issuing a preliminary injunction against the administration's attempt to end TPS for up to 300,000 Central American and other non-white immigrants. I will discuss this case further in a forthcoming comment.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law