POLITICO and the Washington Post both report that the Trump administration, evidently undeterred by the disaster of its barbaric child separation policy this past June, is considering a replay of that policy - which was rescinded after nationwide public outrage - but with an additional touch of sadism. The purpose is to "deter" a perceived increase in asylum-seekers from the violence-prone countries of Central America and other parts of the world torn by war and dictatorship.

The new proposal is presumed to be another brain child of Stephen Miller, Trump's chief architect for tormenting immigrant children of color - and their parents - in the name of "deterring" America's inevitable transformation into a truly multi-racial society instead of a white dominated one,

Under the reported new proposal, detained asylum seekers together with their children would be given a "Binary Choice": either allow their children to be taken away to DHS controlled "shelters" - which in the past have been accused of terrible abuse and neglect - or to be detained indefinitely together with their parents pending deportation hearings. See, politico.com October 12:

Trump administration considers family separation option as border arrests soar


For more details, also see cnn.com (October 15):

Separating families again? What we know about the proposed 'binary choice' policy


This inhuman "Binary Choice" proposal cannot help but recall the famous 1982 Meryl Streep movie "Sophie's Choice". For readers under the age of 40 who may be unfamiliar with this movie, it involves a woman who is sent by the Nazis to the Auschwitz concentration camp with her two young children. Upon arrival at the camp, she is forced to choose which one of her children will be gassed and which one will be admitted to the labor camp.

One can only wonder whether Stephen Miller, whose own childhood Rabbl recently denounced him for betraying the principles and disregarding the experiences of his Jewish forbears by persecuting non-white immigrants through his brutal child separation policy and other cruelties in the name of "enforcement" - see my September 11 Immigration Daily comment


has ever heard of this movie - or whether he cares.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law