The Trump administration's policy of singling out children, the most vulnerable immigrants of all, for treatment with especial cruelty as part of its policy of "deterrence" against immigrants who are not from "Countries like Norway" evidently did not end with abandoning its brutal and inhuman "zero tolerance" policy of child separation. The Guardian has more horrific details about thousands of children who are detained as a privately run remote desert tent camp in South Texas which is now at five times capacity, Many of these children are now being taken without warning in the middle of the night from homes and shelters to be sent to this remote location in the scorching desert heat, where there is no schooling. legal assistance is virtually inaccessible and outside requests for inspection or information are routinely rejected.

The Guardian quotes David Stout, a member of the El Paso County Commissioners Court, as follows:

"We're causing irreparable harm to thousands of children and I think it's deplorable, despicable, and un-American and we need to put a stop to it."

The same article also quotes Fernando Garcia of Border Network for Human Rights as comparing the camp to the Japanese-American internment camps during WW-2 and saying that is it a tactic to "dehumanize immigrants."

According to the above story, ICE is also arresting at least some people who come forward as sponsors for the children so that they can be released from detention.

The Guardian also reports that the tent prison camp is almost completely invisible except from the air. There is another country that also has prison camps which can only be located from the air or by using programs as as Google Earth. It is known as North Korea.

Is this where America is heading - with innocent immigrant children who may have the "wrong" skin color as only the first victims - in the Donald Trump Era? See:

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law