Trump's threats to fire his loyal immigration enforcer, Jeff Sessions, recall the downfall of Stalin's security chief, Lavrenti Beria, and put America's democracy in extreme danger.

Donald Trump's latest rant that "I don't have an attorney general" as reported in the New York Times on September 19

makes the exact date when Sessions will be fired obvious without any difficulty - Wednesday, November 7, right after the mid-term elections.

Trump's humiliating assaults against Sessions. who has been the president's most loyal, faithful and unswerving immigration enforcer, and has been responsible more than anyone else for carrying out Trump's mass deportation agenda against non-white immigrants - striking fear and terror into immigrant communities nationwide - trying to destroy the independence of the immigration court system, and - most reprehensibly of all - overseeing Trump's infamous "zero tolerance" child separation policy, show that these racist and authoritarian immigration policies are like a monster that devours its own guardians and protectors.

Trump's furious, venomous attacks on Sessions for allegedly not doing enough to protect Trump from Robert Mueller's Russia investigation also show that the authoritarian principle underlying immigration enforcement - one which has been at the foundation of US immigration law ever since the time of the notorious late 19th century exclusion laws,which Trump wants to bring back in spirit to use primarily against Latino, Middle Eastern and African immigrants today, cannot be boxed in and limited to immigration matters only.

Trump's pursuit of absolute power - his goal of becoming America's supreme dictator with his will as our only source of law - clearly began with his treatment of brown immigrants, But it now threatens to overwhelm our entire democracy - even more than the huge, violent, storms arguably caused by his attacks on climate change science have inundated places such as Houston, Puerto Rico and North Carolina.

Just as Sessions' enthusiasm for tearing screaming, crying children as young as 8 months old away from their tormented parents to be shackled like dogs in cages and ICE boxes, even as his Justice Department is now arguing in court to impose indefinite detention of entire families contrary to the Flores settlement - in unspeakably horrible conditions according to news reports - one can only recall the downfall of Stalin's dreaded security chief and head of the Soviet slave labor camps, Lavrenti Beria.

Beria was purged and ultimately executed when Stalin's successor, Nikita Khrushchev, saw him as an obstacle to absolute power.

To be sure, America is not there yet. Sessions is in no danger of execution, to be sure. But this is the direction that America is heading in under Donald Trump. What began as an assault on immigrants only is now leading to the destruction of our en
tire democracy.