The headlines have now found a new story to obsess over - whether or not Judge Brett Kavanaugh, some of whose statements indicate a belief in absolute presidential power which could be fatal for our democracy, and whose few relevant decisions indicate a bitter hostility toward immigrants - as I will discuss in a forthcoming comment - sexually assaulted a young woman while he was in high school.

Meanwhile, away from the glare of publicity,, hardly a day passes without some new damage to America's legal immigration system, as the cancer of Donald Trump's agenda of reducing America's non-white foreign born population continues to spread. The latest report is that, after already cutting America's refugee quota for 2018 down to the microscopically low level of 45,000 for the year - in a time when there are an estimated 68 million people driven by their homes by war, terror, gang violence and dictatorship worldwide - the Trump/Stephen Miller administration has now set the 2019 quoted at the even tinier number of 30,000. This is an obvious attempt to destroy America's entire refugee system, as The Nation describes:


Thus is hardly surprising, in the light of Trump's recent appointment of an avowed immigration opponent with a record of making false negative claims about immigration, and with close ties to anti-immigrant groups, to be in charge of refugee policy, as the ACLU reports:


Of course this is only one part of the administration's broad attack against many different parts of the legal immigration system, Just as a spreading cancer attacks one organ after another in the human body, virtually eliminating America as a haven for refugees at a time of world wide crisis, goes together with the policy of delays and denials in all types of legal immigration petitioner and applications, as witnessed by the epidemic of RFE's - which will now be replaced by outright denials under a new policy that took effect only last week.

One could also mention the reported punitive and malicious proposal to deny family based immigration applications by distorting and wildly inflating the "Public Charge" grounds of inadmissibility, which has been written about elsewhere, along with many other similar measures aimed primarily against non-white legal immigrants.

But, if Trump and his supporters are to be believed, the biggest threat to America's non-white immigrant population is yet to come. This involves nullifying the 14th amendment clause guaranteeing birthright citizenship to every person born in the United States without limitation as to race, creed or color.

This has been at the heart of what it means to be an American - and what America itself stands for - at least ever since the Supreme Court's 1898 Wong Kim Ark decision, which held that a US-born man whose Chinese parents were barred from ever becoming US citizens under the infamous exclusion laws of that period was nevertheless as US citizen by birth according to the 14th Amendment

Birthright citizenship has long been a target of the movement to maintain a white majority in America at all costs, and this movement is gaining new impetus, not only from Trump's own attacks on the 14th amendment's citizenship guarantee as a candidate, but from his nomination of Kavanaugh, whose reported radical views toward Supreme Court precedent might well extend to overturning this critically important 1898 decision and taking America back to the days of the Dred Scott decision ruling that only white people could be American citizens.

See the Southern Poverty Law Center's September 9 analysis:

Buoyed by Trump's SCOTUS pick. the anti-immigrant movement renews its attacks on the 14th Amendment

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]I will have more to say about the coming threat to birthright citizenship, on which America as we now know it depends, in forthcoming comments.