Stephen Miller is Condemned for Immigration Malice and Brutality by His Own Childhood Rabbi. Does Miller Know Nothing About His Own Jewish Immigrant Forebears' Struggles Against Prejudice and Discrimination? Does he Even Care?

Update: October 15

See my comment below about a reported proposal allegedly being put forth by Stephen Miller to give asylum =seeking parents a "Binary Choice" of either letting their children be taken off to the hellhole "shelters" which have been accused of terrible neglect and abuse, or keeping their family together in indefinite detention. This will inevitably remind many people of the 1982 Meryl Streep movie about Auschwitz: "Sophie's Choice".

My original comment follows:

I will begin with asking readers' indulgence for my pun on the words "Know Nothing" in the above caption. As shown below, these words can very justly be said to apply to Stephen Miller's immigration agenda in more ways than one.

The Guardian reports that in a sermon given for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, Stephen Miller, Donald Trump's top "architect" of an agenda which seeks to make drastic restrictions in legal immigration as well as imposing a regime of fear and terror against unauthorized immigrants, was strongly criticized by his own childhood Rabbi. Neil Comess-Daniels, for "violence, malice and brutality" in connection with his role in both Trump's disastrous child separation policy and his Muslim ban.executive orders.

For a full report and highlights of the Rabbi's speech, see:

As is no secret, Miller, even though he is only in his early 30's, has amassed a substantial record of connections with white supremacist and anti-immigrant hate groups, and he wields great power and influence in shaping Trump's anti-immigrant agenda, as the Southern Poverty Law Center reports in detail on June 21:

The irony is that that Miller seems either to have completely forgotten, or else shows no interest in learning about, the hatred and prejudice that Miller's own Jewish immigrant forbears encountered - Including his great grandfather, who came to America around the turn of the last century to escape persecution in Czarist Russia.

Miller might do very well to celebrate the New Year by reading a comprehensive retrospective report in the Jerusalem Post dated January 25, 2013 entitled:

Foundations of Holocaust: 1924, Congress decides No More Jews

This article describes in detail the virulent antisemitism that gripped the United States in the early 20th century and gave rise to the notorious "eugenics movement" which later had great influence on the Nazis; the Ku Klex Klan; anti-Jewish lynching and, ultimately, the infamous 1924 law barring Jewish immigrants almost entirely - which Adolf Hitler held out as a model in Mein Kampf.

As the world knows, this same 1924 immigration law, which today's anti-immigrant groups look back to nostalgically, and which Trump's own attorney general, Jeff Sessions, had high praise for as a Senator in his 2015 immigration "Handbook" laid the foundation for barring Jewish refugees during the Holocaust and significantly adding to the death toll in Hitlers ovens and gas chambers.

Miller might want to reflect a little more seriously on this history as he and Trump plan together to cut the number of desperate Middle Eastern, African, Central American and other non-white refugees to the lowest levels in many decades and as they pursue the rest of their agenda of closing America's borders to all immigrants who are not from, to quote Tru
mp's words: "Countries like Norway".