In my August 10 Immigration Daily comment, I wrote about the stench of hypocrisy in Donald Trump's venomous attacks on family immigration by labeling the estimated 40 million mainly non-European parents, adult children and siblings of US citizens who have legally immigrated to the US in the past half century as "criminals" who "do not love America" and came here through "horrible chain migration"., even as Melania Trump's white parents, who by all indications, came to the US the same way, have now attained their US citizenship.

Now, even Melania Trump's own parents' lawyer, Michael Wildes, is calling Trump's vicious and delusional attacks on extended family immigration "unconscionable.", as Trump continues his utterly delusional attacks on this visa, such as the following:

"The chain is like a disaster. You bring one person in, you end up with 32 people."

As I have pointed out in previous comments, even strong immigration opponents such as Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies have pointed out that numbers such as these are totally impossible under current law. They are pure presidential fantasy, without the remotest relation to reality, and are invented purely to dehumanize non-white legal immigrants as people who are coming into the country uncontrolled, i.e. "infesting" or "invading" America, to use Trump's language from recent speeches at his rallies.

One rather doubts that the president and first lady are spending much time talking about where to find space for her parents' "32 relatives."

But Trump administration hypocrisy is not limited to Trump's in-laws' method of immigration, which Trump has had no problem with when his own white family members use it but acts as if it will destroy America when brown people do.

See, POLITICO, August 13:

Stephen Miller is an Immigration Hypocrite. I Know Because I'm his Uncle

In this powerfully written op-ed, Miller's own uncle condemns Miller for promoting bigoted immigration policies which would have not only prevented his own Jewish ancestors from immigrating to the US at the turn of the 20th century, but might have led to their being wiped out in Czarist Russia.

This appalling, shameless, example of immigration hypocrisy on Miller's part creates a stench which makes Donald Trump's own hypocrisy smell like fine perfume by comparison.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law