reports that in the state of Michigan, despite Donald Trump's attempts to demonize and stir up hatred against Muslim and Middle Eastern immigrants, there is a slew of candidates running for office this year with Muslim and Middle Eastern backgrounds, including many immigrants. That state might even be about to elect America's first Muslim governor, Democratic candidate Abdul El-Sayed.

The above site reports:

"A report by the Detroit Free Press ound at least 24 candidates running in Southeast Michigan are immigrants of first generation Americans. Half of them have roots in the Middle East or Arab countries, 8 are immigrants or the children of immigrants from South Asia and three have roots in Nigeria or Senegal."

No one can predict, of course, how many of these candidates will win, but it does make it worth while to focus on the fact that, as America become more diverse despite Donald Trump's desperate attempts to turn this country backward 100 years to the time of whites only immigration, the United States could one day elect a Muslim president.

In fact, I will go out on a limb and make a prediction that America inevitably one day will have a Muslim president - even if people in my generation (born during the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt) might no longer be around to see it or write comments about it.

In fact, according to many reports, there are already many millions of Americans, particularly in one of our two great political parties, who are convinced, as an unshakable article of faith, that we already have had a Muslim president - up until January 19, 2017 - by the name of Barack Obama.

For younger readers, it may also be very easy to overlook how much a a fuss there was when the US elected its first Catholic president, John F. Kennedy, in 1962, less than 60 years ago.

The prospect of a Muslim president, however, should make the same people who were so overjoyed when the Supreme Court, in Trump v. Hawaii in effect ruled only two months ago, that the current president has virtually the power of a dictator to ban Muslims from entering the United States merely by repeating the magic words "national security" often enough, step back and start asking themselves some questions.

What happens, for example, if a Muslim president uses the same virtually unlimited authoritarian power which the Supreme Court gave Trump to favor, say Palestinian immigrants over Jewish ones from Israel, using Trumped up "vetting" pretexts or any other ones that come to hand.

I am not saying that a Muslim president would do this - this is just a hypothetical example. My only point is that the same unlimited presidential powers over immigration which Trump's supporters are now demanding, or enabling, for him to use in order to keep America white, could also one day be used for other purposes that these same Trump supporters might be less than overjoyed about.

Therefore, it would be useful to look at the rush to bestow authoritarian control over immigration - especially legal immigration - without seeking Congressional approval, on Donald Trump. or at his rush to grab such control - in more detail in order to see which path it could be leading our immigration system, and our democracy, along.

This examination, which I will be continuing in forthcoming comments, can only begin in one place - Trump's furious attempt to use presidential power up to the hilt in order to reverse a half century of progress toward racial equality in our immigration system and turn this country back toward the whites only system that we had for 40 years beginning on 1924.

A good staring points for this discussion is a January, 2017 Boston Globe article with a detailed history and analysis of the racial thinking which led to the infamous "Nordics - only immigration act of 1924 - and which is being repeated today by the Trump administration - only with Muslims, Africans and Latino immigrants as the main targets instead of the - in the bigots' own words - "inferior racial stock" Jews, Italians and Eastern Europeans of a century ago. See:

Trump's anti-immigration playbook was written 100 years ago. In Boston.

Another good starting point for this discussion is a June 25 Brookings Institution article:

Trump reveals 'zero tolerance' for democracy.

Both of these articles make clear that America cannot go down back down Donald Trump's long and well-traveled road of racial and religious bigotry and hatred as the basis of our immigration system, if we want to keep our now mortally threatened democracy.

Roger Algase, a New York immigration attorney and graduate of Harvard College anf Harvard Law Schhol who has been practicing in this field for 40 years. is a lawyer with two obsessions: obtaining legal visas and green cards for mainly skilled and professional immigrants; and writing about the dangers to America's immigration system and democracy from the current administration's pursuit of ethnic cleansing against non-white immigrants - both legal and unauthorized, as well as their American children.

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