I am postponing my August "vacation" from commenting about the immigration policies of our nation's Chief Executive by one day in order to share a frightening July 30 article by Thom Hartman on alternet.org suggesting that Donald Trump might very well at some point suspend all freedom in America by declaring martial law, "postponing" the 2020 election, defying the courts and assuming full powers of a dictator, based on the template of the way he has been treating immigrants.

What makes this article so frightening is that it is based on an interview with Tony Schwartz who ghost wrote Donald Trump's book Art of the Dead, spent a good deal of Time with Trump and knows him well. As the article explains in chilling detail, Trump has a dictator's ambitions, and his authoritarian use of power against brown immigrants could be only the beginning of what he might have in store for all Americans as well. The link is:


I hope that ilw.com readers will enjoy this piece of summer reading during the coming month. See you in September!

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law