Update, July 31 at 8:10 pm:

If and when our politicians finally find the courage to initiate impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump, which could be becoming more and more likely as his abuses against immigrants - and our democracy - continue to pile up almost with each passing day or week, one of the impeachment articles might very well include his horrific abuses against detained immigrant children, at least as alleged in the latest Huffington Post report.

These allegations include forced drugging of children, something reminiscent of Stalinist Russia; and, according to a court affidavit from a detained 16-year-old girl who alleges that border patrol guards kicked her throughout the night, forcing girls to strip naked in front of the guards.

Is this the United States of America, or is this a Nazi concentration camp? For the Huffpost report, see:


My original comment follows:

With each new attack on non-white immigrants and allegation of abuse of power on the part of Donald Trump, the "I". Impeachment, word keeps surfacing more and more in public discussion - with regard to immigration policy specifically, not only other issues which are beyond the scope of ilw.com discussion topics and which I will not go into here. See:


The topic of impeachment over immigration has, very understandably, taken on new significance and urgency as a result of the horrendous damage and suffering caused to up to 3,000 young children and their families by Trump's inhuman "zero tolerance" family separation, which Trump finally reversed in the face of opposition and outrage from many of his own supporters, including his own wife, First Lady Melania Trump, but has not yet given up on trying to defend.

This barbaric policy, which is only one aspect of a widespread attack on all immigrants, legal as well as unauthorized, by the Trump administration, has drawn international condemnation as an alleged crime against humanity and violation of both US and international laws against torture. For more on this topic, see:


I am not here expressing an opinion on whether Trump should or should not be impeached over his war on brown immigrants. But this subject is worth serious study, as it becomes clearer and clearer with each of Trump's latest racial attacks on immigrants that impeachment may be the only way of preserving the non- racially discriminatory immigration system that America has had for the past half century, and preventing a return to the bigoted framework and ideology of the "Nordics" - only 1924 "national origins" immigration act which Trump's AG Jeff Sessions praised so highly as a Senator only three years ago, and which top immigration advisers such as Stephen Miller are also taking our system back in the direction of.

Indeed, impeachment may, very arguably, be the only way of saving America's democracy itself from the various immigration and non-immigration related assaults by Trump and his administration, which Professor John Shattuck of the Harvard Kennedy School, who has a long record of supporting human rights as a private lawyer, professor and government official, describes in his powerful February 23 article:

How Democracy in America can Survive Donald Trump


I recommend this article as essential summer reading to anyone who cares about preserving our democracy in the "Donald Trump Era".

Beginning August 6, I will be taking the rest of August off from commenting on ilw.com about Trump's immigration agenda in order to do further research the impeachment issue, on which not only the future of our immigration system as we know it, but of our freedom and democracy themselves could very well depend.

I wish all ilw.com readers a good month of August. See you in September!

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law