From the moment in June 2015 when Donald Trump announced that he was running for president on a platform of demonizing Mexican immigrants as "criminals", "rapists" and "drug dealers", there has been no doubt that Trump's most basic "immigration principles" have been overt racism and white supremacy.

This is not to say that anti-immigrant racism originated with Trump - of course it did not. This stain on America and its most fundamental value of equality of all people goes back at least to the time of the infamous late 19th Century Chinese exclusion laws, if not to the pre-civil war Dred Scott decision laying down the "principle" that people of color could not be US citizens because of their race.

No, Trump certainly did not invent the "principles" of anti-immigrant racism in America. But almost every passng day, there are new indications that these principles are at the foundation of his administration's entire immigration policy. As I discuss below, the "principles" of anti-immigrant racism are now close and closer to becoming official DHS policy under the cowardly leadership of its director, Kirstjen Nielsen, who seems to have abandoned any principles of independence or willingness to stand up to her bigoted boss.

Trump complains that the non-discriminatory immigration system that America has had for the past half century amounts to the "dumbest" immigration laws in the world. If there were any doubt as to what he means by that, his attacks on non-European immigrants for allegedly making that continent "lose" its "culture", which I have discussed in a recent immigration Daily comment, leave no doubt about his views.

The latest sign that the Trump administration's fundamental principle of anti-immigrant racism is closer and closer to becoming official DHS policy is shown in two recent news reports. One deals with DHS Secretary Nielsen's shameful and appalling refusal to speak out against white supremacist violence in Charlottesville last year. The other is in a shocking report that without any debate, discussion or Congressional hearings on this issue, the DHS is now preparing new regulations with an expanded definition of "Public Charge" which would virtually abolish family immigration and Diversity visas for all but the wealthiest few.

For more about Nielsen's humiliating refusal to criticize Charlotteville's racists and neo-Nazis see: America's Voice, July 20:

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And to understand how following Donald Trump's racist views actually plays out in determining DHS policy toward immigrants, see the following shocking report on the way that the DHS is making Trump's racist attacks on family based and Diversity immigrants, most of whom are from outside Europe and do not have the white skin color that Trump seems to regard as essential for legal immigration to the US, into official US policy.

According to a report by American Progress, an affiliate of America's Voice, the "Public Charge" ground for inadmissibility, which was originally enacted for the express purpose of excluding Chinese immigrants for avowedly racial reasons in the late 19th century, is now in the process of being revived and blown way out of proportion by the DHS in order to exclude all but the most affluent applicants for family based and Diversity-based green cards.

It is no secret that, even though both of these visa programs were originally enacted to boost white immigration, the great majority of their beneficiaries over the past few decades have been from Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, rather than from Europe. This is why these two visas are now in Donald Trump's direct and intense line of fire.

It is a disgrace, not only for Nielsen personally, but for America and its values of racial equality and justice for all, to see the DHS going along so compliantly with yet another racist plank in Trump's anti-immigrant platform.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law