Update: July 19 at 1:32 pm:

Just in case anyone wonders what could happen to thousands, or perhaps millions, of non-white children who now have the precious benefit of US citizenship through birth in this country to parents who happen to have been immigrants themselves, or who became US citizens through naturalization of their immigrant parents, if they have their citizenship yanked away from them by Donald Trump and the white supremacist zealots in his regime, one can read what is happening to the non-white, non-citizen children who are being locked in ice boxes and dog cages in Trump's America in the latest horrifying July 19 America's Voice report:

More Damning Details of How Trump Administration is Treating Immigrant Children


My earlier comment follows:

As I have made clear in many previous comments, I have never even remotely suggested that Donald Trump is a Nazi sympathizer or supporter of Adolf Hitler, that he does advocates genocide, or that he is anti-Jewish. He is quite obviously none of the above, not even by the wildest stretch of the imagination.

But it is no longer possible to ignore the fact that just as Hitler's attacks on the Jews blaming them for all of Germany's problems, which many people at first tried to downplay as only talk, ultimately led to anti-Jewish measures such as the Nuremberg laws which took German citizenship away from the Jews in 1936, Trump's relentless race-baiting and demonization of brown immigrants as "criminals", "rapists" "drug dealers", "gang" members" and "terrorists" are rapidly leading to actions which could not only cut off the chances of legal immigration for millions of people who might now be eligible under our laws, but could take away US citizenship from millions of other people based on little more than their ancestry or the color of their skins.

First, there is the "shock and awe" of two new USCIS memos relating to the issuance of NTA's and RFE's which I will discuss in more detail in an upcoming comment. These two memos are described in detail, with links to the memos themselves, in a July 16 America's Voice article:

USCIS Methodically Transforming From Immigration Benefit Agency to an ICE Deportation Feeder Operation

I do not have a direct link to this article, but it is available through Google.

But it would be a serious mistake to think that Trump's agenda, and that of his white supremacist supporters, is limited to making it harder, much harder, for brown people to become legal immigrants in the first place and scaring them away from even applying immigration benefits that they may be eligible for, as is the obvious purpose of these two memos (and of Trump's frenetic attacks on family and Diversity green cards which have been going on since late last year).

We can be sure without any possible doubt that Trump's ultimate goal is taking away US citizenship from millions of Americans whose only problem (as he and his supporters see it) is that they, or their forbears, do not happen to come from "Countries like Norway" (to quote Trump's January 11 widely reported statement made at a White House meeting).

The first prong of this two-prong attack involves setting up a USCIS "Denaturalization Force" to revoke citizenship of thousands, or potentially millions, of people who have become American citizens since 1990, but whose naturalization applications may have have had technical or other minor omissions or defects, as Professor Ruth Ellen Wassem describes in an article in The Hill:


Not surprisingly, as Wassem reports, funding for this task force would not come from additional Congressional appropriations, but from diverting funds received from USCIS user fees away from processing applications for immigration benefits, such as work permits and green cards, over to the new task force, This would cause long additional delays in processing legal immigration (and citizenship) applications.

There was a time, not so long ago, when denaturalization was regarded as a drastic measure, used only against Nazi war criminals who had tried to conceal their past in order to enter the United States. Now, in Donald Trump's America, it is no longer necessary to be a Nazi to lose citizenship. Now ordinary naturalized US citizens can do this too - and very likely will - if they have the "wrong" ancestry or skin color.

But that is only the first prong of Trump's very likely upcoming assault on non-white American citizens The second, and even more potentially devastating prong of this attack is aimed at taking away birthright citizenship from millions of Americans by overturning or promoting an utterly bogus interpretation of the leading US Supreme Court case upholding birthright citizenship, US v. Wong Kim Ark 169 U.S. 649 (1898).

Most recently, this attempt, which immigration restrictionists have been making in one form or another for many years, appears in a Washington Post column by a former Trump White Hose adviser with an anti-Muslim history, Michael Anton. See:


I will discuss the Wong Kim Ark case in more detail in an upcoming comment. We are sure to be hearing more egregiously distorted interpretations of this landmark case, on which the entire foundation of America's birthright citizenship rests and is therefore one of the most important (and least understood) Supreme Court cases in our entire history, coming from Trump's white supremacist supporters in the very near future.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law