As he has claimed countless times, Donald Trump's main justification for his attacks on non-white legal immigration (when he is not busy stigmatizing and vilifying immigrants from Central America, Africa, the Middle East and other "shithole countries" as "criminals", "terrorists" and "MS-13 gang members") is that he wants to move America toward a system of "merit-based" immigration (to be accomplished, evidently, through sending an unprecedented number of H-1B, O-1 and other "merit-based" skilled immigrant petition RFE's and denial notices) in order to protect the jobs and wages of lower-skilled American workers.

But "putting America first" in terms of immigration does not seem to apply when Trump needs more foreign waiters and gardeners at Mar-a-Lago or his other resorts, as the Washington Post reports on July 5. See:

Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida seeks to hire 40 foreign workers

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Therefore, what is the real purpose of Trump's immigration agenda? Eugene Robinson answers this in his own July 5 Washington Post comment:

Trump can't make America white again

(Also available through Google.)

However, if, as Robinson's title argues, Trump can't make America white again through immigration policy, it won't be though any lack of trying.

At this point, I will interject a personal note: I am often asked by well-meaning friends or colleagues: why focus so much on the racism and authoritarianism in Donald Trump's immigration agenda?

OK, they tell me, let's concede that the guy is a racist who has little or no respect for democratic principles and is only interested in acquiring more power through exploiting prejudice against immigrants who are not from "countries like Norway."

Now that we agree on that, isn't it time to get down to the nuts and bolts of immigration details? Aren't there tweaks to EB-5 that we need to talk about, along with the latest immigration court statistics, parsing of USCIS guidance on the definition of an H-1B specialty occupation (especially important to my own clientele), and many other constantly changing immigration details that lawyers need to deal with on a day-to-day basis, along with the broader policy issues?

My answer would be that these details are important, but focusing on them without considering the broader Trump regime's white supremacist policy goals that motivate them would be a little like the old joke about asking Mrs. Lincoln whether, aside from what happened to her husband, she liked watching the play.

With the above comment, I will go ahead with a discussion of Eugene Robinson's piece. See also, WP Republican columnist Jennifer Rubin (July 5):

Trump's racist views have not gone unnoticed:

To be continued.