Trump's policy of deliberate cruelty and sadism in separating Central American children, some as young as 1 or 2 years old, from their asylum-seeking parents, is causing a growing storm of outrage among Americans who care about this country's values and its adherence to the most basic principles of humanity.

As political science professor Michael Paarlberg, an opinion writer in The Guardian, describes it aptly in his June 14 column:

Child abuse is now part of America's official immigration policy

"The trauma caused by these separations for their parents and their children is not an unfortunate by-product of a necessary legal process; it is the whole point. It is a punishment designed to be as grotesque as possible in order to scare other migrants."

For more details on exactly how "grotesque" Trump's separation policy actually is, see New York Magazine:

Another Glimpse of State Terror in Trump's America

Nor is the abysmal violation of the most elementary rights in Trump's dehumanizing separation policy (which shows that MS-13 gang members are not the only immigrants whom Trump is regarding as "animals") something new or unexpected. As Professor Paarlberg also points out in his article, this vicious policy as a means of deterring immigration by legitimate asylum seekers has been under discussion by DHS officials for the past one year.

CNN also points out in a detailed analysis of this issue that the latest family separation atrocity by the Trump administration is part and parcel of Trump's larger war on immigrants, involving using every method possible to reduce or cut off legal as well as unauthorized immigration from non-white parts of the world.

This includes ongoing attempts to eliminate the diversity visas and certain family immigration categories which have been especially popular with immigrants from non-European parts of the world; attempts to make the H-1B visa which is relied on by many Indian and other Asian professionals, harder to obtain; and imposing additional financial and interview requirements in family-based and employment-based adjustment of status applications, respectively. See:

In numerous ways, Donald Trump has made clear that he does not want more immigrants of color coming to the US in any category, legal or otherwise.

If Trump's latest horror at the US border shows anything at all, it demonstrates that his infamous January 11 statement at a White House meeting that he does not want immigrants coming to the US from "shithole" countries, i.e. not only African but other non-white parts of the world, but only wants immigrants from "countries like Norway", i.e. Europe, was not an idle, offhand, remark as his defenders have maintained. It is the foundation of his entire immigration agenda.

Over 1,000 mainly Latino children, some almost babies, who have been torn away from their parents under conditions which could well leave them scarred for life, have been paying a terrible price for Donald Trump's white supremacist immigration agenda in the past two weeks alone.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law