is not a foreign policy discussion site (except insofar as immigration is considered as part of foreign policy, as the Supreme Court has maintained for well over a hundred years). Therefore I make no comment on the June 12 Kim-Trump meeting other than to express a general thought that any action which might decrease the danger of blowing up the planet in a nuclear holocaust should be welcome as a benefit to the world's immigrants, along with the rest of humanity.

But there is one point about the meeting between these two leaders which does concern immigration directly. North Korea is now on Trump's entry ban list, the legality of which the Supreme Court is expected to rule on shortly.

There is good reason to think that the ban on North Korea was (along with one directed against Venezuela) simply thrown in as "window dressing" (or a fig leaf) to cover the real purpose of the ban, namely discrimination against Muslims because of their religion.

As a peace gesture to Kim, might Trump be considering removing the North Korea ban - which has largely been meaningless up to now - how many readers have ever seen or met a North Korean?

Or does he need this fig leaf so badly as part of his efforts to pretend that the ban was motivated by anything other than anti-Muslim animosity that he will decide to keep it in place, despite his other apparent attempt to conduct friendly discussions with the North Korean dictator?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law