History shows that democracy is a fragile entity which be easily undermined by rulers who adopt the methods of dictatorships on their road to absolute power. It would be inconceivable to think of 1930's Germany without its concentration camps, and former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio openly bragged about having brought "concentration-camp" like conditions to America in the form of his desert tents and other holding centers where he delighted in tormenting Latino and other non-white immigrants.

When Donald Trump, in an egregious abuse of his power as president and open dereliction of his duty to uphold the most basic American values of humanity and respecting human rights, pardoned Arpaio, Trump did so in order to send a message about his "vision" for "Making America Great".

The following news story shows that this vision includes adoption of Arpaio's principles of anti-immigrant inhumanity as the hallmark of the Trump administration - with all of the ominous implications this has for the future of our democracy.

Congresswoman Pramila Jaypal (D-Wash), a member of the House Judiciary Committee, has met with over 200 immigrant detainees, most of them women from Central America seeking asylum who have been torn away from their children under the barbaric and inhuman policy recently announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, at a federal detention center in Sea Tac, Washington. On her official website, she reports horrifying stories of abuse and mistreatment in DHS custody, mainly at privately-run prisons.

Some of the detention conditions which they reported to Representative Jayapal were so horrendous that one can hardly believe that they are taking place in the United States of America, rather than under some fascist dictatorship.
For Congresswoman Jayapal's full report, see:


Roger Algase
Attorney at Law