In a shocking interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, Jeff Sessions admitted that his policy of separating immigrant parents and children at the border in order to prosecute parents for unlawful entry his "terrible" for the children, but that he plans to continue with this inhuman activity anyway.

A story and link to the full transcript of the interview is available at:

This appalling attempt by the Trump administration to use deliberate cruelty toward helpless young children by ripping them away from their parents in order to intimidate and terrorize Latino and other non-white families who are fleeing intolerable conditions in their home countries is, unfortunately, not without a precedent in recent US history.

In the 1930's the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration blocked a Congressional effort to admit 20,000 Jewish children from Europe who were fleeing from the Nazis.

In each case, the main motivation was fear and prejudice among the public and politicians against an unpopular minority - Jews in the 1930's and Latino, Muslim, African and Asian immigrants now.

America now has a president and administration which are engaged in bringing back the spirit of those dark days, albeit with a different target, as Donald Trump is neither antisemitic nor a Nazi supporter. But, as he himself stated at a WH meeting on January 11, he doesn't happen to like immigrants who are not from "Countries like Norway."

Hundreds of innocent, traumatized, mainly Latino children and their anguished parents are now finding out at the US border that the president means what he says - st least concerning which skin color he expects immigrants to the US to have.

Any clues about why Trump and his chief anti-immigrant "enforcer", Jeff Sessions, are relying so heavily on such a cruel and inhuman policy? A good answer would be to read Greg Sargent's June 6 Washington Post column:

Get ready for a brutal election about Trump's racism and authoritarianism.

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Just as we can expect to hear more outright lies from Trump about how the Democrats just "Love" MS-13 (at least Trump hasn't yet said that Nancy Pelosi founded it, the way he called Hillary Clinton a "founder and VIP" of ISIS during the campaign), we can also expect to see a lot more crying, screaming, terrified young children torn away from their frightened Latino and other non-white parents at the US border between now and November, as Trump revs up his white nationalist supporters for the coming election.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law