During his campaign, Donald Trump ran as an anti-elitist candidate who promised to "drain the swamp" and stand up for ordinary American working people. Promising to protect the jobs and wages of American workers was also a key part of his attacks on immigrants, in addition to his appeals to white anti-immigrant racism which helped so much to gain the support of less educated working class voters.

Almost immediately upon taking office as president after an election which he could not possibly have won without the large-scale defection to his side of working people who had previously supported President Obama, one of Trump's first actions was to issue his "Buy American - Hire American" executive order which was based on the premise that legal immigrants, not only unauthorized immigrants, are threatening American workers' jobs, wages and standard of living.

Since that time, Trump has used the specter of job competition by both skilled and unskilled foreign workers to attack or seek to eliminate legal visas for both skilled workers including H-1B employees and their H-4 spouses, and less skilled workers who now have the opportunity to come to the US through programs such as extended family immigration and the Diversity Visa lottery.

But who has gained from Trump's assault on legal immigrants as potential job stealers who undermine American workers? One group of people has gained a great deal - billionaires, polluters, large banks and other members of the wealthy elite whom Trump claimed to oppose as a candidate.

They have been doing quite well, thank you, from Trump's tax cuts for the rich, deregulation and practice of putting industry lobbyists in key positions of government, including agencies which are supposed to protect the public such as the EPA, in what is already being called one of the most corrupt administrations in modern US history. See vox.com:

How Donald Trump's kleptocracy is undermining American democracy


But how well are the ordinary American working people whose jobs, wages and standard of living Trump's promised to protect as part of his anti-immigrant siren song doing?

A January 26 article by the Center for American Progress Action lists at least 35 ways in which ordinary American workers, millions of whom voted for Donald Trump, are being devastated by his anti-union, anti-worker policies. See:

President Trump's Policies Are Hurting American Workers

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Roger Algase
Attorney at Law