Update. June 3, at 7:46 pm:

According to the Texas ACLU, in two short weeks, the Trump administration has separated 658 children from their parents at the US border in the past two weeks! That is almost as many as had been separated by previous administrations in the previous more than 10 years. An ACLU spokesman calls this practice torture and confirms that children who have been exposed to it are requiring medical treatment as a result.


Francine Prose, in a June 3 opinion piece in The Guardian (UK) asks:

Will we just stand by as migrant children are taken from their parents?


A good question, which all Americans should be asking themselves.

And as another commentator, Jessica Valenti, writes in the same paper (May 26):

The US is ripping immigrants' families apart. That's torture.


See also, Matt Ford (May 31)

Cruelty Is Trump's Only Immigration Policy


My revised original comment follows:

No one can seriously argue that the administration of President Barack Obama was a "golden age" for people, including children, who were caught up in America's immigration detention gulag, including, but not limited to the horrific privately-run immigration prisons, some of whose CEO's became big contributors to Donald Trump's campaign and which the Trump administration is now building more of. See, CBS News, February 21:

One winner under Trump: The private prison industry


Terrible abuses were rife, including needless detainee deaths from medical neglect and other causes. In a scathing May 8 2017 statement accompanying its 104-page report on these Obama administration abuses, Human Rights Watch summarized the situation as follows.

"The data reveals that people in immigration detention died needlessly under the Obama administration, even with its attempts at reform...The Trump administration has already announced its intent to roll back key reforms while detaining even more immigrants, which would likely mean more people will die needless and preventable deaths."


But despite Trump's recent absurdly false attempt to blame the Democrats for his own family separation policy at the US border, an attempt which makes about as much sense, and contains just about as much truth, as his vicious charge that Nancy Pelosi "loves" MS-13, the Obama administration did not separate detained immigrant children from their parents as a matter of policy, and did not rely, as Donald Trump is now doing, on this heinous and inhuman form of mental torture in order to frighten and terrify Latino and other non-white immigrant families from seeking refuge in the US from gang violence and other intolerable conditions in their home countries.

See the following article by Kristie de Pena of the Niskanen Institute about the differences between President Obama and Donald Trump with regard to separating immigrant children:


Before George Orwell takes over completely in the White House (if he has not already done so) there cannot be any question that this brutal policy originated with Donald Trump. It was originally announced by his A.G. Jeff Sessions - who may very arguably be acting as Trump's chief henchman on immigrant incarceration and deportation in order to save his job in the face of Trump's continuing attempts to abuse and humiliate him for following the rule of law by recusing himself from the ongoing Russia investigations.

This inhuman policy was also reiterated by Trump's DHS chief, Kirstjen Nielsen, who has allegedly been under intense attack by Trump for following legal procedures which make it impossible to close America's borders to Latino and other non-white immigration entirely as Trump has insisted he wishes to do, and who reportedly even threatened to resign at one point after being berated by Trump for not being able to bring about a complete halt in illegal entries.


Donald Trump will have to find his own excuses for the cruelty he deliberately using against helpless, innocent young children in order to curry favor with his white supremacist base. Blaming President Obama or Nancy Pelosi for this inhuman policy is not going to convince many people.

How much longer will the American people stand by passively without protesting against Trump's vindictive effort to intimidate brown people from coming to the United States by engaging in what, without any serious question, amounts to severe psychological torture against them and their children?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law