In immigration notes from around the world, The Guardian reports that an undocumented African immigrant, Mamadou Gassama from Mali, has been granted the promise of French citizenship after having risked his life (or possible deportation from France) by four-stories up a building in Paris in order to save a 4-year old child who had been left dangling from a balcony.

Instead of being deported, Gassama was hailed as a hero and was able to meet with French President Macron, who granted him a medal for "bravery and devotion" along with legal permission to stay in France and a guarantee of fast track citizenship papers.

The paper reports that when Gassama saw that the child was in danger, he did not think twice before immediately taking action to rescue him.

Meanwhile, the same paper reports that two US flight instructors have been arrested for allegedly trying to kidnap and "deport" a Chinese pilot training student with a legal F-1 visa who had been sent to the flight school by the Chinese aviation agency, because they thought that the student's English wasn't good enough for him to be able to complete the program successfully.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law