Update, May 24, at 3:37 pm:

In another attempt to take the United States toward dictatorship, Trump has now suggested that deportation should not only be used against immigrants, but should also be a method to control the thoughts and speech of American citizens. During a May 24 Fox News interview, said that NFL players who refuse to stand for the national anthem in protest against his racial policies "shouldn't be in the country".


There us only one word to describe this kind of threat - fascism.

My earlier comments follow.

Update, May 20 at 10:15 am:

A May 18 comment on the site alternet.org by Cody Fenwick focuses on the dangerous abuse of power when a chief executive singles out a specific company for government retaliation because the president doesn't like being criticized. In an article entitled:

Trump's Corrupt Abuse of Power on Display in New Report About His Efforts to Target Amazon

Fenwick writes:

"Personally directing a federal agency to raise prices on Amazon, therefore, looks like a blatant attempt to punish Bezoz and the
Post for negative coverage. That would be a classic example of abuse of power.

Even if Trump had good reasons for saying we should raise prices on Amazon, the mere appearance of the abuse of power could have a chilling effect on other people or organizations who may want to be critical of the president. In this way, Trump can accomplish his goal of stifling dissent without actually carrying out any retaliatory measures."


Trump's attempt to order the US Postal Service to increase Amazon's rates because of the Washington Post's negative coverage of his administration's immigration agenda, among other issues, is also paralleled in his directing his attorney general, Jeff Sessions to look into bringing "obstruction of justice" charges against a California mayor who resisted Trump's mass deportation program aimed mainly at Latin American and other immigrants of color, as described in my original comment below.

Sessions, who, evidently, has some respect left for the rule of law, ignored Trump's demand.

These two incidents of attempts to use the enormous power of the federal government to punish specific individuals for opposing or criticizing Donald Trump's immigration and other policies are just the latest additions to the steadily mounting evidence showing that his presidency and this nation's democracy are on a collision course.

My original comment appears below.

When I was growing up, a U.S. president, who, coincidentally, shared the same first four letters of his last name with America's current president, famously wrote a letter threatening to punch a Washington Post music critic in the nose (among other places) because the critic had panned the singing performance of the president's daughter, Margaret Truman.


But there is quite a big difference between a never carried out presidential threat to punch a newspaper music in the nose and an actual ongoing attempt by a president of the United States to use a major instrument of the government, in this case, the United States Post office, to destroy the multi-billion dollar business of a major newspaper publisher because of the latter's opposition to the president's policies, including among the most important targets of criticism, that president's immigration agenda.

Yet this is exactly what Trump is attempting to do to Jeff Bezos, owner of both Amazon.com and the Washington Post, in retaliation for that newspaper's criticism of Trump's policies and performance as president, including, as a key element of that paper's opposition, Trump's assault on both legal and unauthorized immigration from mainly non-European, non-white parts of the world.

And there is an even bigger difference between President Harry Truman's expression of outrage and a threat by Donald Trump to prosecute a local government official, in this case the mayor of Oakland, California, for resisting this president's mass deportation agenda.

Trump's attempt to use the vast power of the federal government to destroy the business of the Washington Post's owner for criticizing Trump's administration, and his threat to prosecute Libby Schaaf, the mayor of Oakland, for refusing to fall in line with his ethnic cleansing deportation agenda directed against Latin American and other immigrants of color who are not from"countries like Norway" are not the actions of the leader of a democratic country that honors the rule of law. They are the actions of a dictator.

It is not only Latin American, Muslim, African and other immigrants from outside white Europe who are the victims of Trump's attempt to impose his own racial prejudices and/or those of his right wing supporters on America through dismantling the programs and protections which have allowed millions of immigrants ranging from highly skilled H-1B workers to Diversity Visa lottery winners with only a high school education to come to the US legally in the past decades, and through spreading fear and terror in minority communities throughout America through his ethnic cleansing mass deportation agenda for non-criminal immigrants.

The ultimate losers are the American people, whose almost 250 year-old experiment in democracy is now in danger of being wiped out.

For the full story on Trump's attempts to bully the USPS into doubling the package delivery rates for Amazon in an obvious attempt at revenge against Bezos for the Washington Post's vocal opposition to Trump's anti-immigrant agenda and many other policies as president, see, Washington Post, May 18:

Trump personally pushed postmaster general to double rates on Amazon, other firms

(Available though Google - I do not have a direct link.)

And for more details about Trump's threat to prosecute Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf for "obstruction of justice" (a charge that Trump himself has been under investigation for the past year by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in a non-immigration related context) for allegedly refusing to cooperate with an ICE raid as part of Trump's mass deportation agenda, see:


To be sure, the United States has not yet reached the point where critics of the president suddenly disappear in the middle of the night to be locked up on orders from the top or, allegedly, die by poisoning, as in the case of Russia (whose purported role in helping Trump win the presidency is still very much part of the Mueller investigation which is obviously causing Trump so much Angst).

But the above news items leave no doubt that America is moving toward that direction in the "Donald Trump Era" - one which now includes a new CIA director who has had great difficulty overcoming allegations of complicity in torture.


In view of Trump's open advocacy of using torture against people he perceives as dangerous during his presidential campaign


could Trump's appointment of Gina Haspel to this powerful and influential position be another, not so veiled, warning to media figures and politicians who might be thinking of speaking out against Trump's plans to purge America of non-white immigrants, about what might happen to anyone who opposes this agenda in the non-so distant future?
Roger Algase is a New York immigration lawyer and a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. He has been helping mainly skilled and professional immigrants from diverse parts of the world receive work visas and green cards for more than 30 years.

Roger believes that an immigration system that is open to all people equally and fairly, without regard to race, color, religion or national origin, is essential to maintaining our democracy. His email address is algaselex@gmail.com