In a recent CPAC speech, Donald Trump infamously compared Muslim and other immigrants to "snakes".

This comparison may have had more meaning than intended for some Somali men detained by ICE in a private immigration prison where sadistic beatings by guards, lack of running water, and in one case, appearance of a live rattlesnake in a detainee's bed which the guards failed to take action against and the detainees had to kill themselves were among the reported allegations of abuse.

The above story also reports that the men were quickly deported before any meaningful investigation into their claims of abuse could be conducted.

What does this report say about the rule of law and respect for basic human rights when brown immigrants are concerned in Donald Trump's America? And if this can happen to immigrants, how safe will the freedom and democracy that American citizens take for granted continue to be under this president and his administration?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law