Update, April 2 at 3:22 pm:

According to the latest story in The Guardian about Trump's Twitter Tirades against Dreamers and other Mexican/Central American immigrants, Trump is now claiming that, because of them,"our country is being stolen".


The racial implications of this and other similar anti-immigrant epithets coming from the president are too obvious and frequent to be ignored by the media any longer. This latest statement is an obvious dog whistle to Trump's white nationalist base that America's "white identity" is being taken away by brown-skinned immigrants, both legal and illegal.

Such is the foundation of White House immigration policy in the Donald Trump Era.

Update, April 1 at 9:57 pm:

For a more complete story about the details of the venom which Trump let loose against Dreamers and Mexican immigrants while on his way to worship on Easter Sunday see, The Guardian:

Easter tirade: Trump attacks Nafta and says 'No more Daca deal'


The following comment has been revised and updated as of April 1 at 2:53 pm:

In his own unique version of the "Easter Spirit of goodwill", Donald Trump lashed out at DACA and Mexican immigrants in general on the morning of April 1 in a tirade of tweets, vowing that there would be no DACA deal and threatening to cancel NAFTA over Mexico's alleged failure to stop "caravans" of illegal immigrants from coming to the United States.


According to multiple news reports, Trump has been accompanied on his trip to Mar-a-Lago by top immigration adviser, Stephen Miller, who has been widely accused of having white supremacist sympathies and associations. Trump also reportedly had his usual heavy dose of watching Fox News, which no one would claim to be a supporter of immigration from non-white parts of the world, before issuing his anti-Mexican twitter rants.

One might ask what has happened to the Donald Trump who recently expressed "Love" for the Dreamers and who, according to some of his supporters, is really their "best friend". But this would be a useless question.

Not entirely by coincidence, the White House has also released a photo of its latest interns, showing only 5 non-white interns out of a total of 91.


Given Trump's abundant record of venomous attacks on immigrants of color from many parts of the world both as candidate and president; and, in addition to terminating TPS and DACA legal status for hundreds of thousands of non-white immigrants who are already in the US, his push to change the legal immigration system to eliminate family and diversity visas which have helped millions of legal immigrants from Latin America, Asia and Africa to come to the US over the past decades, this latest White House photo could well be looked at as a template for Trump's continuing whites-only agenda for legal immigration.

For more about the deep roots in America's immigration history of Trump's efforts to skew the legal immigration system in order to Make America White Again, see, vox.com (January 18):

The scary ideology behind Trump's immigration instincts


Well worth reading and reflecting on in the light of Trump's latest Easter outburst against immigrants of color.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law