The latest news reports show that a movement toward fascism - and antisemitism - is growing in Europe, spurred on by right wing anti-immigrant propaganda and/or government policies in countries such as Hungary and Italy.

In Hungary, where the right wing government of prime minister Viktor Orban has built a wall against Muslim and African immigrants, anticipating the one that Donald Trump wants to build against Mexican and other Latin American ones, and has been widely criticized for destroying the same free press and other democratic institutions that Trump has been attacking in America; the Jewish community, which has been reviving after being totally destroyed by the Nazis in WW2, is now coming under siege from the same hatreds that Orban is inflaming against immigrants.

And in a comment that cannot help but recall memories of the terrible persecution of Jews in Vienna, Austria under the Nazis, where the Jews were forced to clean the streets in front of mobs of cheering, laughing storm troopers before being sent off to concentration and death camps

Orban's chief of staff has now accused Middle Eastern and African refugees in that same city of making Vienna "dirtier".

Meanwhile, neo-fascist violence against immigrants is growing in Italy, where right wing politicians are calling for the deportation of some 600,000 Middle Eastern and African refugees, while anti-Jewish sentiment is also reportedly on the rise.

While America in the Donald Trump era is not yet in the grips of storm-troopers and anti-Jewish violence touched off by igniting anti-immigrant hatred (other than the almost 2,000 reports of antisemitic assaults and other incidents which took place in the US in 2017!), the administration's expulsion agenda against Latino and other non-white immigrants is in danger of moving America in an increasingly authoritarian direction.

The latest evidence of this is AG Jeff Sessions' lawsuit and inflammatory March 7 speech against California officials who are trying to protect whatever legal rights that state's non-white immigrants may have against being caught up in the administration's mass deportation dragnet. For further details, see:

Coming on top of previous threats by DHS chief Nielsen and ICE director Homan that "sanctuary" state or local officials who refuse to fall in line behind Trump's deportation agenda against Latin American, African, Asian and Middle Eastern immigrants should be prosecuted,

the danger that Trump's exploitation of white supremacist "resentment" against immigrants of color from around the world - legal as well as unauthorized - could lead America closer to European style fascism grows larger with each passing day.

Meanwhile, Israel, a nation which was founded as a refuge for the Jewish people, whose history of being subject to persecution goes back more than 3,000 years to the time of the Biblical Exodus from Egypt; and whose religion provides for compassion toward foreigners because the people of Israel were once "strangers in the Land of Egypt", is planning to deport thousands of African asylum seekers despite protests from rabbis, doctors, writers and Holocaust survivors.

According to news reports, these asylum seekers came to Israel seeking refuge from persecution and war in their own countries by the same route that the Jewish people came to the Land of Israel themselves - through Egypt.

See also: NY Times (February 2):

Before sending asylum-seekers back to persecution or even possible risk of death in some cases, one hopes that Israel, pursuant to its right as a sovereign nation entitled like any other to determine its own immigration policies, will decide to let the African migrants stay at least until the end of the upcoming Passover holiday celebrating the Jewish people's escape from slavery and persecution in Egypt, which, of course, is also part of Africa.
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