The Hill reports on February 23, that, once again, Donald Trump has repeated his implied threats to take action against almost 800,000 Dreamers (and we all know what kind of action that means) unless immigration supporters agree to abolish the non-discriminatory family immigration system which America has had for the past half century, since 1965.

According to many news reports, Trump's own mother, grandfather, and much more recently, parents-in-law, came to America through the same kind of "chain migration" which Trump now calls so "horrible" (in a December 29, 2017 tweet) and dangerous for America's security (in his recent SOTU speech) when people from non-European countries whose color is not as white as Trump's own family members use this method of legal immigration to come to America.

The United States rightly and justly welcomed Trump's forebears and is now welcoming his wife's European parents the same way. Why is Trump so eager to pull up the welcome mat for millions of non-European parents, siblings and adult children of US citizens who wish to continue to be able to come to America legally using the same method?

Why is making drastic cutbacks in non-white legal immigration so important to Trump that he is continuing to hold the Dreamers hostage to this racially motivated agenda - and, cynically, blame the opposition party when he begins to deport the Dreamers, as he undoubtedly will if the Democrats and other immigration advocates do not bow down to his imperial demand?

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Roger Algase is a New York immigration lawyer and a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. For more than 30 years, Roger has been helping mainly skilled and professional immigrants from diverse parts of the world obtain H-1B and other work visas, as well as employment and family-based green cards. His email address is