Perhaps Trump is wrong about "fake" news, but he certainly is right that immigration issues are being distorted.

I read a news article this morning which indicates that the government shutdown is over the fact that DACA negotiations have failed, but that is not what is happening.

The Democrats complain that Trump put the DACA participants in jeopardy of deportation when he terminated the DACA program, but when the Gang of Six met with Trump, they were not negotiating for a continuation of the DACA program, which would just protect them from deportation by continuing their temporary legal status. They were negotiating for a DREAM Act, which would make legalization available to millions of undocumented aliens.

A fix as simple as continuing Obama's DACA program legislatively would be fairly easy to work out in meetings between key representatives from both parties, but a DREAM Act is major legislation that needs to go through the legislative process where it would be subject to the checks and balances of Committee hearings and markups.

See my article, "Democrats out of order on DREAM Act,"