Update, January 21 at 8:36 pm:

A January 20 article by Dylan Scott on vox.com also gives support to my view, explained in detail in my original comment below, that the government shutdown was not caused by alleged Democratic support for "unchecked illegal immigration", as Trump claimed without the slightest basis in fact in an inflammatory tweet with obvious racial overtones over the weekend.

Instead, the shutdown was caused by the president's insistence, egged on by Republican opponents of non-white legal immigration such as Senator Tom Cotton (Ark.) that any relief for DREAMERS must be tied in with major changes in the legal immigration system that would sharply reduce the number of visas available for brown-skinned immigrants from what the president called "shithole" countries such as Haiti and the countries of Africa, and instead favor Norway and other white European countries in a return toward the racially motivated "National Origins" immigration act of 1924 which Adolf Hitler so much admired that he wanted to use it as a model for Germany.

In his article, Scott describes the efforts of moderate Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (S.C.) to work out a deal with Senators from both parties that would have funded the government temporarily while providing for a Senate vote on DACA within the next three weeks. However, according to this report, Graham's efforts have so far been frustrated by Cotton and some fellow Republican Senators who want to reduce or cut off immigration from non-white parts of the world and who have Trump's ear.

The article quoted Cotton as saying the following about the 2016 election:

"The American people, and especially Republican primary voters, made it clear that they wanted Donald Trump's vision of immigration policy, not Lindsay Graham's."

The reality is that 3 million more Americans voted for Hillary Clinton's vision of immigration policy than Donald Trump's. But, that observation aside, we all know what Senator Cotton is referring to when he talks about Trump's "immigration vision". It is the vision that Trump gave voice to on January 11, in which America's immigrants come from white countries only - not the "shithole" countries where people have darker skins.

The vox.com article is at:


Update, January 21 at 3:00 pm:

During the January 20-21 weekend, the president continued to try to distract attention from his repeated insistence on abolishing two of the most essential programs which, together, have enabled tens of millions of dark-skinned, non European, immigrants to come to the US legally in the past decades, namely, family reunification and the Diversity Visa lottery, as the price for agreeing to a DACA legislative solution.

He did this in the most untruthful and pejorative way imaginable - namely by blaming the Democrats for illegal immigration, using extreme language which was apparently intended to de-legitimize the opposition party entirely - something that in many countries would be a prelude to dictatorship.

This statement included one authorizing a campaign ad by an outside group accusing Democrats who oppose his immigration agenda of being;

"complicit in every murder committed by illegal immigrants"

This was in addition to his tweet, discussed in my original comment below, that:

"The Dems just want illegal immigrants to pour into our nation unchecked."

For a link to both of these comments, which are so full of animosity and removed from reality as to give ammunition to the growing number of professionals and other commentators who are questioning the president's mental health - something that is far beyond the scope of this site and my own qualifications - see:


My original comment follows:

Donald Trump is now continuing
the inflammatory falsehoods about non-white immigrants which have characterized every stage of his campaign and presidency from the beginning up until now by accusing the Democrats of causing the government shutdown which began on January 20 because they allegedly want "unchecked illegal immigration", according to a report in The Hill.


Nothing could be further from the truth. To be sure, the Democrats have been insisting on protection for DACA recipients as the price for their agreement to keep the government open. But Trump himself has stated many times that the DREAMERS need legal protection from Congress. He has himself repeatedly called on Congress to provide such protection - after he created the crisis in the first place by cancelling DACA.

Recently, Trump even called on Congress to pass a "Bill of Love" for DREAMERS.

Neither DACA, nor any dispute over illegal immigration in general, was the sticking point that caused the government shutdown. To the contrary, there can be no question that the shutdown was caused by Trump's demand for sharp reductions in legal immigration, affecting potentially tens of millions of immigrants from non-white parts of the world, as the price for an agreement to help DACA recipients.

On January 11, a small bipartisan group Senators came to Trump with a proposed DACA legislative solution, and that Trump angrily rejected the proposal. His rejection did not have anything to do with DACA itself, or with the DREAMERS.

Instead, Trump rejected the proposal because it did not include massive cutbacks in legal immigration - specifically, abolishing extended family immigration - pejoratively called "chain migration" by Trump's white supremacist supporters - which has been central to America's immigration system for the past 50 years and has enabled 30 or 40 million immigrants from non-white parts of the world to come the the US legally during this period.

Attempting to label legal family-based immigration. as well has the Diversity Visa lottery, which which Trump now also wants to abolish because it has been especially advantageous for legal immigrants from what has Trump reportedly called the "shithole countries" of Africa,"unchecked illegal immigration", is nothing more or less than using the Big Lie technique of Adolf Hitler.

Trump has been using this same technique in many other statements he has made about extended family immigration and the Diversity Visa, in which he has tried to link both of these legal immigration programs to terror and crime without the slightest shred of evidence or justification. Here is an example of the kind of delusional, barely coherent attacks against these two major components of the current version of race-neutral immigration system which has made America truly Great - as a country of immigrants from all over the world past 50 years:

The following is taken from the transcript of Trump's December 28, 2017 interview with New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt:

"We have to get rid of chainlike immigration, we
have to get rid of the chain. The chain is the last guy that killed...the last guy that killed the eight people...so badly wounded people...Twenty-two people came in through chain migration."

(As I have pointed out in previous comments, even Mark Krikorian of the restrictionist Center for Immigration Studies, which supports Trump's attempt to reduce legal immigration, has said that it is impossible for one person to sponsor 22 relatives to come to the US legally under our current system.)

Trump then followed up on his fantasies about family immigration with an even wilder and more delusional, divorced from reality, rant against the Diversity Visa lottery:

"They take the worst people in the country, they put 'em into the lottery, then they have a handful of bad, worse ones, and they put them out. 'Oh, these are the people the United States...'...We're gonna get rid of the lottery, and by the way, the Democrats agree on that. On chain migration, they pretty much agree with me."


Since his final statement above to the effect that the Democrats mostly agree with him on eliminating these two important legal immigration programs was just as far removed from reality as his venomous attacks on the mainly non-European legal immigrants who benefit from family immigration and the Diversity lottery themselves were, Trump made his position clear (and certainly more coherent, though not less full of poisonous animosity toward non-white legal immigrants) the following day, December 29, 2017, in a tweet aimed expressly at his Democratic opponents:

"The Democrats have been told, and fully understand, that there can be no DACA without the desperately needed WALL at the Southern Border and an END to the horrible Chain Migration & the ridiculous lottery system of immigration, etc. (Italics added.)

See: ThinkProgess:

Trump tweets a white nationalist ransom note to immigrants


When the president told Senate negotiators two weeks later, on January 11, that a DACA deal was "dead" unless they agreed to change the law in order to favor legal immigration from white countries such as Norway instead of African countries or Haiti, he was saying the same thing as he did in above previous tweet.

The president's insistence on forcing immigration supporters to agree to abolish legal visa categories which have been been used primarily by immigrants from non-white countries, so that he can achieve his stated goal of enabling legal more immigrants to come from Scandinavia in the future and fewer to be admitted from Africa and the Caribbean, is the only reason why we now have a government shutdown.

As Jamelle Bouie explained succinctly on slate.com on January 19:

"Last week, the president scuttled the deal [to reach a legislative solution for DACA] brokered by Sens. Lindsay Graham and Dick Durbin, following a now-infamous meeting where Trump called both Haiti and various African nations 'shitholes'. Since then, the White House has been silent on what it wants from a deal, even though Trump's priorities are not hard to discern - he wants more white immigrants and fewer immigrants from countries whose citizens are largely black and brown."


Indeed, one could accurately say that, with few if any exceptions, all of Trump's immigration statements and actions as candidate and president, from his initial slurs of Mexican and Latino immigrants as "criminals" and "rapists"; his Muslim and refugee ban orders; "extreme vetting" of immigrants; ramped-up arrest and deportation dragnet; support for the Eurocentric RAISE Act's emphasis on skilled over family immigration while taking many steps to make H-1B and other skilled immigration visas harder to obtain; and his efforts to slow down legal immigration processing in general: all of these are ultimately aimed at making America's immigration system whiter and more European.

Trump's attempt to blame the shutdown on his opponents' alleged support for "unchecked illegal immigration" is a blatant use of the infamous Big Lie technique. It is also part a Europeans-only immigration agenda which tarnishes America's image in the entire world and reflects badly on his fitness to be the president of the United States.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law