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  • [*=left]Dissatisfaction with government is top problem overall

    [*=left]Immigration ties with government as the top problem among Republicans
    [*=left]16% of Republicans vs. 4% of Democrats name immigration as top problem

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Partisan differences are clearly visible in Americans' assessments of themost important problem facing the country. Dissatisfaction with government ranks at or near the top of the list of the country's most important problems for both Republicans (16%) and Democrats(30%), though the percentages differ substantially. But while immigration ties dissatisfaction with government as the top problem among Republicans, it appears much lower on the list amongDemocrats.

Mentions of immigration among Republicans and independents who lean toward the GOP are up to16% from 9% last month, while just 4% of Democrats and Democratic leaners mention immigrationas the most important problem. Immigration-related issues are at the center of congressionalleaders' ongoing efforts to reach a budget deal and avoid a federal government shutdown.


Submitted by Nolan Rappaport