Update: January 16, 5:00 pm.

A correction to my comment below quoting the president of the United States' racist comment about Haitian and African immigrants may be in order. According to a January 15 report in The Guardian, Trump may have used the term "shithouse" countries instead of "shithole" countries in referring to the above parts of the world.


I always try to quote the president and anyone else I mention in my comments correctly, and I apologize to readers if I quoted Trump inaccurately by saying that he accused black immigrants of coming from "shithole" countries, when he reportedly might really have said "shithouse" instead.

My previous comments follow:

Update, January 11, 11:01 pm:

As reported by nearly every major news outlet in America, Trump hot a new low in deranged racist ranting against immigrants of color when he made the following comment at a January 11 White House meeting on DACA and related immigration issues:

"What do we want Haitians here for?
Why do we want all these people from Africa here? Why do we want all these people from shithole countries?...We should have people from places like Norway."


Before Trump's above horrifying, venomous attack on black immigrants, which revealed the full, despicable depths of Trump's racist views and how they underpin his entire immigration agenda, while dragging all of America into the cesspool of hatred in the depths of Trump's own dark psyche, I wrote the following comments, which Trump has now just made obsolete with his vile expression of hate against immigrants of color.

My original comment is as follows:

In an open, bipartisan, televised White House meeting on January 9, Trump showed a remarkable and welcome example of democracy in action by appearing to welcome suggestions on immigration by Senators and Representatives on both sides of the immigration issue and suggesting that the two parties are not far apart on a solution for DACA and even a larger Comprehensive Immigration Reform Deal.

Trump also called for a "Bill of Love" on DACA.


The meeting did a great deal to dispel the closed-off, rigid, authoritarian image of a president with an inflexible white nationalist bias against immigrants from non-European parts of the world which Trump has built up during the past 2 and a half years in many of his other statements and actions as a presidential candidate and president.

Perhaps most encouraging of all for immigration advocates, Trump drew withering criticism from columnist Ann Coulter, a strong opponent of all immigration from what she has called the "Third World", i.e. non-European countries. Coulter tweeted that Trump's "DACA lovefest" hurt him more than anything in a recent book by journalist Michael Wolff which questions the president's mental stability, as The Guardian also reports in the above story.

However, a closer look at the details of the meeting, as also reported above, shows that if Coulter was afraid that Trump was changing his support for an agenda of reducing immigration to the US from outside Europe, she did not have much to worry about.

According to the same news story:

"[Trump]...said that a compromise must include an end to the family-based immigration policy, which he refers to as 'chain migration', and the elimination of the 'visa lottery' program, which he mischaracterized as an initiative that allows countries to 'give you the people they don't want.'"

This continues Trump's recent policy of attacking and demonizing millions of legal family immigrants and Diversity Visa lottery immigrants who have come to the United States in the past few decades and made major contributions to American society. Yes, there are no doubt a small number of these immigrants who have committed crimes, with a crime rate that, according to some studies, is lower than that of native born US citizens.

And two members of these immigrant groups, one family-based immigrant who came to the US as a child and later on became radicalized and killed 8 people in a terror attack; and another, radicalized, Diversity Visa immigrant, who tried to commit a terror attack are now being held up as examples by the president of the "danger" allegedly presented by some 30 or 40 million family immigrants and more than a million Diversity Visa immigrants who have used these two visa programs.

As noted immigration law professor and former USCIS general counsel Stephen Legomsky wrote in an opinion piece discussed in ny January 9 Immigration Daily comment, this makes no sense at all. Neither does Trump's wild and delusional claim that the deranged lone wolf immigrant who ran over and killed 8 people recently in New York had sponsored 22 or 23 of his relatives for immigrant visas make any sense.

As I also pointed out in a previous
Immigration Daily comment, even the well known anti-immigrant advocate Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, who basically supports Trump's immigration agenda, said that Trump's claim was impossible or made no sense.


What is the real reason why Trump and many of his fellow Republicans want to end "Chain Migration?

Dana Lind explains on vox.com on December 29, 2017:

"For people whose biggest fear regarding immigration is that immigrants will change the face of America - that they'll trample the country's 'traditionally' white, Christian majority - there's little more potent than the idea of immigrants bringing over huge families, replanting their communities whole in American soil."


For the past half century, ever since the landmark 1965 immigration reform law abolished the openly racist "national origins" immigration quotas of the 1924 immigration act which had cut off immigration from most parts of the word outside of norther Europe, family immigration has been the foundation of America's immigration policy.

Trump's attempts to demonize tens of millions of legal family immigrants and over a million legal immigrants who have come to the United States through the Diversity Visa as "criminals" and "terrorists" because of the actions of exactly two individuals only who have used these visas is just one more part of his agenda of moving back toward the almost exclusively whites only immigration regime of 100 years ago.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law

To be continued