In a January 4 opinion piece in The Hill, Stephen Legomsky, a former USCIS General Counsel and a distinguished law professor whose textbook on immigration law is in standard use at 185 law schools throughout the United States, strongly criticized Donald Trump for blaming all immigrants for the actions of a few. See:

Trump lumps all immigrants together at America's risk

Legomsky gives four examples of Trump's entire classes of immigrants for the heinous actions of one or two only:

1) Calling for a ban on all Muslim immigrants after a Muslim immigrant and her Muslim USC husband killed some Americans,

2) Drastically cutting all refugee admissions because some refugees commit crimes,

3) Calling for repeal of the Diversity Visa program because one diversity visa immigrant committed a terrorist act,

4) Calling for large classes of family immigration (pejoratively called "chain migration") to be eliminated because ot a terrorist act committed by an immigrant who came to the US as a child in a family visa category.

Legomsky writes:

"The absurdity of condemning an entire group because of the actions of a single member seems self-evident."

He might well have added that this is a time-worn tactic which has been used by dictators and autocrats throughout history, Now, under Trump, stigmatizing and demonizing all immigrants for the actions of a criminal or dangerous few appears about to become the new normal as a basis for America's immigration policy.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration is moving ahead with its ethnic cleansing of non-white immigrants by revoking TPS for 200,000 vulnerable and desperate Salvadoran immigrants, who will be forced to return to their crime ridden, poverty stricken country, one of the most dangerous in the entire world.

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Donald Trump Goes Full White Nationalist With Salvadoran Decision

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Roger Algase
Attorney at Law