Update, November 9 at 11:35 pm:

For another report concerning the despicable attempts by the two losing Republican gubernatorial candidates in Virginia and New Jersey to tie immigrants in general to violent crime, despite a number of studies showing that immigrants on the average commit fewer crimes than American citizens, see, Salon.com

"This election is all about casting aside immigration Trumpism"


My original comment follows:

While two State governorship elections do not make a nationwide trend, immigration supporters can take great encouragement from the November 7 elections in Virginia and New Jersey. In both of those states, Republican candidates with previously moderate records on immigration, Ed Gillespie in Virginia and Kim Guadagno in New Jersey, suddenly switched to the right and adopted anti-immigrant campaign tactics similar to those which worked so well for Donald Trump nationwide last year.

Both Republicans suffered crushing defeats at the hands of pro-immigrant Democratic opponents.

Gilllespie and Guadagno both ran vile campaign ads attacking immigrants as criminals and trying to connect them with the Central American M-13 gang which Trump has also used in recent speeches as president on order to demonize Latin American immigrants. They also attacked "Sanctuary" City or State policies, another coded tactic for demonizing immigrants as criminals which is favored by Trump and his AG, Jeff Sessions. This was despite the fact that in Virginia, at least, there are no Sanctuary Cities.



Of course, it may be too early to tell from just two elections, but is it just barely possible that the "Extreme Vetting" (another coded term for stigmatizing all immigrants as terrorists and criminals) which Trump called for once again in the wake of a New York attack by a deranged Muslim immigrant which killed 8 people, (while also demagogically calling to abolish the Africa-Asia and Latin-American immigrant-friendly Diversity visa which has no demonstrable connection with terrorism),


even as Trump rejects, not only "Extreme Vetting", but any type of more careful screening for gun owners in the wake of an attack by a deranged white native-born US citizen which killed 26 people,


might no longer continue to be the symbol of a "Trump-Era" immigration agenda which regards non-white immigrants in general as unwelcome in America and seeks a return to the Europeans-only immigration policies of the 1924 Johnson-Reed immigration act?

Could the November 7 election be a sign that "Extreme Vetting", i.e. demonizing all Latin American, Asian, African and Middle Eastern immigrants as threats to US safety, security and jobs, may have reached its peak and could now be on its way back to the far right fringes of white supremacist hate groups where where it rightly belongs?

Might America be on the road to seeing the day when "Extreme Vetting", as a symbol of anti-immigrant bigotry, is no longer the official policy of our government - no longer the law of the land?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law

To be continued.