This comment is based on early breaking news reports and may be revised later as more information comes in. Earlier on Sunday, November 5, a gunman suspect identified as Devin Patrick Kelley, a white American male, killed at least 26 worshipers at a rural church near San Antonio, Texas before either being killed himself or taking his own life.

Nothing is yet known about his motive. All the usual condolences and expressions of sympathy are coming in from the president, who is "monitoring" the situation from Japan, and other top officials. One can be absolutely certain that nothing will be done as far as changing gun control or any other laws as a result of this incident.

This is in contrast to the October 31 New York mass murder by another crazed suspect, a radicalized Muslim immigrant, which killed 8 people. But since the New York suspect is an immigrant, the president's immediate response was to push for cancelling a visa which, up to that time, had been used by over a million immigrants, none of whom had ever been connected with a terrorist incident, but who were mainly from outside Europe, and therefore not high on Trump's welcome list for immigrants (in contrast to a 70 mostly Romanian waiters and other hotel workers who just got approved for H-2B visas at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort - see my comments posted earlier on November 5).

Every time another horrific mass killing takes place in America - and there are enough guns in the hands of disturbed people to make sure that they will - one can be sure that America's Latino, Muslim and other minority immigrants must be breathing a sigh of relief that the killer suspect was not one of them.

Otherwise, they would be made the next scapegoats by this administration. Their visas, protection from deportation or other immigration rights would be the next to be taken away or placed under attack.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law