Fox News columnist Juan Williams comments in The Hill as follows about Trump's latest attacks on journalists for writing "whatever they want to write":

"Clearly the president has an authoritarian bent when it comes to journalism. His latest comments fit in with past labeling of straight news reporters as 'dishonest', 'scum' and 'enemy of the American people.'"

But Trump's War on the media is, in essence, no different from Trump's War on Muslim, Latin American, and other non-white immigrants. Both are the two sides of the same authoritarian coin.

The same president who claims absolute power to determine what the news media should be allowed to write about him, in violation of the First Amendment freedom of speech on which America's democracy depends, is also claiming in the Supreme Court and lower federal courts that he has the absolute right to determine which immigrants can enter the United States, even to the extent of banning potentially two hundred million Middle Eastern and African immigrants on transparently "Trumped-up" "national security" pretexts because he doesn't like their Muslim religion.

This also violates the fundamental First Amendment freedoms which are at the heart of our democracy.

It is true, of course, that the president has broad powers under INA Section 212(f) to ban immigrants whom he determines would be detrimental to the interests of the United States. But that that authority does not "Trump" the Constitution, which does not allow him to make this decision based on religion, at least when the rights of American citizens are also affected.

This would also be taking America back almost 100 years to the time when another unpopular religious/ethnic minority, Jewish immigrants, were almost entirely banned from the United States using "national origins" methodology, just as in the case of Trump's Muslim country ban executive orders.

But the authoritarian aspect of Trump's immigration agenda does not end there. Trump also wants to build a Wall to keep out unwanted Mexican and other Latin American immigrants. There is no clearer symbol of dictatorship than this - as shown in modern times by the Communists' Berlin Wall and the Nazis' Warsaw Ghetto Wall.

Trump is also planning a major expansion of immigration detention centers, in keeping with his agenda of mass deportation of Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern and other non-white immigrants. Will these prisons one day also be filled up with American journalists who write unfavorable news stories about our 45th president and his administration?

In the ongoing debates over details concerning the future of DACA, H-1B and the attempts to reduce non-white legal immigration through the RAISE Act, lowering refugee quotas and "extreme vetting" ; and over expedited removal, arrests of immigrants at hospitals and other assaults on due process and basic human rights endangered though Trump's mass deportation program, we must not lose sight of the big question - is Trump's immigration agenda only one part of a larger attempt to replace America's democracy with one man rule by a Supreme Leader?

1:30 pm update, October 30:

Will Trump be able to silence journalists who are now reporting about the indictments against some of his campaign officials? He may be able to build a Wall against immigrants who have the wrong skin color or religion, but can he Wall off the truth about activities that could threaten his continued presidency?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law