The Trump administration has issued a new order placing additional screening barriers in the way of refugee admissions, which have already been reduced to the lowest worldwide level in many years (45,000 per year) from 11 countries, all but two of which are Muslim. For details see,

In response, two leading refugee organizations, including a well known Jewish one, issued condemnations. POLITICO quotes Naureen Shah of Amnesty International as saying:

"Our big concern is that the refugee ban continues by another name."

The same story also quotes Mark Hatfield, president of HIAS (formerly Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) as accusing the president of

"decimating the refugee program at a time of unprecedented global need."

It appears that Trump is not giving up easily on his original campaign promise to ban Muslims from around the world from the United States, as well as turning a cold shoulder toward people who are in the most desperate need of all, whether refugees fleeing war, violence and persecution around the world, or 3 million American citizens in hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law