An October 22 POLITICO article warns about the dangerous consequences that the growing European right-wing nationalist movement, fueled by fear and animosity toward immigrants fleeing war, terror and dictatorship in the Middle East and Africa could have for Europe in the wake of the recent elections in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, where another right wing billionaire, Andrej Babis, has just been chosen as prime minister.

The POLITICO story begins:

"Czechs this weekend elected a new prime minister who heaps scorn on the European Union and says his country shouldn't have to accept a single refugee. Germany just sent a radical far-right party to parliament for the first time since the days of Adolf Hitler. And Austrians just gave the anti-immigrant Freedom Party their [sic] biggest share of the vote since 1999...

Nationalist parties now have a toehold everywhere from Italy to Finland, raising fears the continent is backpedaling toward the kinds of policies that led to catastrophe in the first half of the last century."

But Europe is not the only continent which may have good reason for concern about a turn toward the 20th Century fascist policies which ultimately led to WW2, the Holocaust and the deaths of 60 million people.

Prejudice and animosity toward Middle Eastern, Latin American, Asian and other non-white immigrants also helped to elect a US president who is now undermining democratic institutions by attacking and trying to control the courts, the news media, the voting system, and any other entity or person standing in the way of his taking absolute power. Meanwhile, in the latest development, his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, darkly hints that he may try to jail opposing journalists, and that he might also try to prosecute Sanctuary City officials who oppose Trump's mass deportation agenda.

Regarding Sessions threat to send journalists to jail, while Trump calls for the licenses of media which run negative stories about him to be "revoked", see:

Certainly, the following statement by a frail, 90-year old Harry Belafonte at a speech in Pittsburgh on October 20 may admittedly be somewhat extreme. Commenting on the election of Donald Trump. Belafonte reportedly said:

"...the country made a mistake and I think the next mistake might very well be the gas chamber and what happened to the Jews [under] Hitler is not too far from our door."

But behind the obvious exaggeration (one hopes) of the above statement (and the fact that Trump is targeting Muslims, not Jews) there is a clear and unmistakable warning: Just as exploiting fear and prejudice against immigrants could be leading toward a resurgence of fascism in Europe, anti-immigrant sentiment in America could be turning this country in the direction of dictatorship here at home.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law