As opinion writer Moustafa Bayoumi points out in his telling October 4 article in The Guardian, when a Middle Eastern (or US citizen) Muslim engages in mass murder, he or she is automatically called a terrorist by the media. However when a white American does the same thing, as in the horrific Las Vegas shooting massacre which has taken 59 lives so far and injured more than 500 people, the perpetrator is referred to as a "Lone Wolf".

In the wake of the 2015 San Bernardino shooting, which took the lives of 14 people, then presidential candidate Trump called for a "complete shutdown" on immigration to the US by Muslims worldwide in retaliation. As president, he has at least made a beginning toward that objective with his first seven and later six Muslim country entry ban executive orders, all in the ostensible name of national security and protecting the safety of the American people.

After that shooting, Trump even suggested that he might have supported the internment of Japanese-Americans during WW2, one of the most shameful episodes in all of America's history, in an obvious reference to the possibility of interning American Muslims, which some of his supporters and other commentators have also suggested could happen one day.

But what was the president's reaction to this latest most horrendous mass shooting that America has ever faced to date, committed by a white, non-Muslim US citizen? After a hastily staged minute of silence, Trump's reaction was, essentially, ho-hum, sorry we can't do anything - of course, forget about gun control; that's totally off the table, and let's move on to the next item (at the golf course, maybe, or perhaps just tweaking the latest Muslim ban executive order some more to try to pass muster with the Supreme Court)?

Double standard, anyone?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law