Update, October 1, 6:34 pm:

Another gripping article describing Trump's insensitivity and lack of concern for the suffering of 3 million Hispanic American citizens in Puerto Rico is one dated September 29 by an Afghan woman activist, Sonali Kolhatkar, entitled

Trump's Cruel Indifference to Puerto Rico


This article graphically details the full story of the indifference, delay and lack of concern in Trump's response to Hurricane Maria.

This lack of care or interest, if not open hostility and contempt for the 3 million American citizens in Puerto Rico whom the federal government is supposed to be helping - see below - are in sharp contrast to the speed and focus with which Donald Trump has issued and vigorously defended one executive order after another against various immigrant minorities; whether Muslims and refugees in his entry ban orders, Latinos in his stepped up arrest and deportation orders and cancellation of DACA; South Asian IT specialists and other highly skilled professionals from diverse parts of the world in his "Hire American" executive orders - not to mention a hurricane of hostile, openly biased RFE's obviously intended to undermine whatever commitment to fair decision making for skilled immigrant petitions may still remain in Donald Trump's DHS - which I will comment about further separately - and which are clearly aimed at aimed at ultimately destroying the H-1B visa program; as well as in Trump's support for the RAISE Act, which would take America's legal immigration sytems a large part of the way toward bringing back the Europeans-only immigration system that was in effect from 1924 until 1965.

"Cruel" would therefore also be an apt term to describe Trump's overall policies toward Latino and all other immigrants of color since taking office as president up until the present. It would in fact be a gross understatement.

"Inhuman" - defined as a fundamental lack of respect for the basic rights and human dignity of non-white immigrants, would also not be an entirely inappropriate word to describe most, if not all (he has, commendably, shown some empathy for and interest in helping DACA recipients, even as he has cancelled the foundations of their legal status in America) of the president's immigration policies.

would also be an apt term to describe Trump's unprincipled attack on the Mayor of San Juan over her desperate pleas for more federal help for the 3 million non-white Americans of Puerto Rico whose lives have been devastated in the humanitarian disaster caused by Hurricane Maria - an attack with not only political, but arguably, in the case of the president, also medical implications which are beyond the scope of these comments.

For the latest news stories concerning the president's intemperate (if not deranged) attacks on Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz for daring to ask for more and faster federal help for the people of this island, which has long been a US possession since 1898 and whose inhabitants have been US citizens for the past 100 years, see:




See also:


This last, January 29, article discusses the president's:

"Scapegoating...,degrading, ridiculing and demeaning rivals and critics..." as a "psychological warning sign"

in the opinion of many psychiatrists.

Much as immigration lawyers and other professionals would like to do so, since it is not our field, it is becoming more and more difficult to ignore the effect of issues which may be affecting the president's mental health on the lives of millions of minority immigrants and their families who are currently living in the United States or who wish to visit, work or live in the nation of the Statue of Liberty.

My previous update and original comments follow:

Update, September 30, 12:16 pm:

In a September 30 tweet showing even greater insensitivity, verging on outright contempt, toward the 3 million Hispanic Americans whose lives have been devastated by the worst natural disaster in Puerto Rico's history, Trump took time off from his weekend golf game at his New Jersey resort to lash out at the mayor of San Juan for her message calling for more federal help and warning that her people were dying from lack of food, water and electricity. He blamed:

"Such poor leadership ability by the Mayor of San Juan, and others in Puerto Rico, who are not able to get their workers to help."

In his comment, Trump also stated that Puerto Ricans "want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort."


In other words, the 3 million American citizens of Puerto Rico, instead of receiving fast and sufficient help from the president, are receiving insults with unmistakable racial overtones and are, in effect, being blamed for their own misfortune.

With this kind of lack of even the slightest vestiges of humanity on the part of the Chief Executive of the United States, is it any surprise that he is also blind and deaf to the suffering his administration is inflicting on potentially millions of minority immigrants through his mass arrest and deportation agenda, and his ban on entry by Muslims from targeted Middle Eastern and African countries, as well as all but a handful of refugees from around the world?

My earlier comment appears below:

In the latest chilling example of Trump's putting action against Hispanic and other minority immigrants ahead of taking care of even the most desperate needs of minority Americans, The Guardian reports on September 29 that the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, has called the Trump administration's slow response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria "Close to Genocide", as ships containing desperately needed food and water remain stranded in ports because of lack of federal government coordination and transportation in transporting supplies to the 3 million American citizens living in that US Territory. See:




According to the above report, Mayor, Cruz, referring to Trump's alleged lack of urgency in relief efforts, said:

"...the world will see how we are treated not as second class citizens but as animals that may be disposed of. Enough is enough."

(It is worth recalling in this context that the president himself referred to Hispanic immigrants as "animals" in a recent Long Island, NY speech condemning gang violence.)

But the widespread criticism of the president for the federal government's slow and inadequate response to the worst natural disaster that has ever hit this island of 3 million Spanish-speaking Americans does not mean that his administration was failing to pay attention to hundreds of Latino and other minority immigrants in the US mainland.

Even as the desperation and sense of despair was growing among millions of Americans in Puerto Rico without electricity, food or water in a situation which Trump blamed on that island's "debt crisis" and, in an absurd and ignorant statement even more devoid of care or empathy, the "Atlantic Ocean"; the DHS was busy conducting nationwide arrests targeted against cities and at least one entire state (Massachusetts) which have declared themselves "Sanctuary Jurisdictions".


The arrests involved 498 immigrants, most of whom, we can be quite sure, were Latino, and virtually all of whom, if past practice is any guide, can be presumed to have come from non-white areas of the world.

317 of the arrested immigrants, according to ICE, had been charged with or convicted of various crimes. The crimes listed were overwhelmingly minor ones, with DUI (86 arrests) being the leading charge by far.

While there were, to be sure, a few more serious crimes on the list of those arrested, such as robbery, rape, assault and drug trafficking, some of the other crimes or alleged crimes on the list included: Public order crimes, Trespassing, and, most dangerous of all to America's safety and security, "Peeping tom".

Americans, and especially minority Americans, will be highly reassured to know, one can be quite sure, that while their government, and their president, were evidently too preoccupied with other matters to move quickly and effectively to relieve the suffering of millions of their Spanish-speaking fellow citizens in Puerto Rico, the Donald Trump administration did not forget or neglect to conduct nationwide arrests in order to protect America against the threat of Hispanic and other minority immigrant DUI drivers, trespassers and peeping toms.
Roger Algase is a New York immigration lawyer and a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. For more than 35 years, Roger has been helping mainly skilled and professional immigrants, from diverse parts of the world, obtain work visas and green cards. Roger's email address is algaselex@gmail.com