As is so often the case, the media are caught up in dissecting the detailed symptoms of Trump's immigration agenda. One of the two most recent examples is his deadly and destructive playing with the hopes and fears of 800,000 DREAMERS by terminating DACA without making clear what he will demand a condition for signing a Congressional replacement, or what he will do if Congress refuses to pass one.

The other example is in his cryptic statements that his Muslim Ban executive order will be expanded and made more "specific" at the same time, perhaps as early as September 24, the same day that this comment is being written.

But it has long been a truism that a good physician goes beyond trying to deal only with the surface symptoms of a medical condition, but instead tries to remedy the underlying causes and to treat the illness as a whole.

In the same way, trying to tinker around with or tweak this or that aspect of a particular Trump administration immigration policy, while still important (as in the cases, for example, of going to court to gain admittance for Muslim grandparents of US citizens, or of lobbying to maintain this or that benefit for DREAMERS as long as possible), can only offer a surface remedy. These efforts do little or nothing to change the underlying condition.

What is the basic condition in Trump's immigration agenda that immigration advocates need to deal with and try to remedy? This condition is the basic rottenness of white supremacy at the core of the president's immigration policies. Nothing illustrates this better than the record of Trump's attorney general and chief immigration adviser, Jeff Sessions, both as A.G. and as a Senator.

AMERICA'S VOICE has published a June 13 study of Sessions' record entitled:

A Session in Hate

(To access, go to and input the above title at SEARCH)

Full details about Sessions' long record of hostility against non-white, non-European immigrants are contained in the above article, which is essential reading for anyone who wishes to gain a comprehensive understanding of the motivation behind Trump's anti-immigrant agenda.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law