No single immigration statute, including, very arguably, even the infamous late 19th Century Chinese exclusion laws, stands as a greater monument to racial bigotry in America than the notorious Coolidge era 1924 Johnson-Reed "national origins" immigration act.

As every historian and scholar of that period knows, the main purpose of that law was to give legal status to a long since discredited theory known as Eugenics, according to which the white "race", especially the northern European branch of it known as "Nordics", was biologically superior to all other branches of humanity.

This theory also became the basis for the Nazi genocide against the Jews and persecutions of Slavs and other ethnic groups who were considered to be Untermenschen, i.e. racially inferior.

This kind of thinking formed the underpinnings of the 1924 law which, using the "national origins" of American citizens as its base, according to the 1890 census taken more than 30 years previously, before the great "wave" of Jewish, Italian and other Southern and East European immigration in the early 20th century, effectively excluded most of the world's Jews, Catholics, Asians, Africans and Middle Easterners from immigrating to the US.

(Latin American and other "Western Hemisphere" immigrants, who were a much smaller percentage of the US immigrant population at that time, were not affected by the quotas.)

To give an example of how racially skewed the quotas were under this Coolidge-era law, the annual immigration for Germany was set at 50,000 (rounded off). The annual quota for Great Britain was about 34,000.

Here are the annual immigration quotas for India, China, Japan and almost all other Asian, Middle Eastern and African countries as fixed by that law: 100 people for each country.

No, I did not leave out any zeros by mistake - one hundred immigrants per country for almost every country of the world outside Europe affected by the law was the limit.

One of the many results from the bigoted law, which also had much smaller immigration quotas for Russia and Eastern Europe, where most of the the Jews of Europe lived, than for Northern and Western Europe, was to add to the death toll in the Holocaust. This is an unalterable historical fact, which no unbiased or serious analyst or historian can dispute.

Adolf Hitler himself wrote favorably about America's 1924 immigration law in his infamous manifesto, Mein Kampf.

For more on the racial "Eugenics" motivation behind the 1924 immigration law and Hitler's praise of that law, see

The Guardian:

Hitler's debt to America

Therefore, it was troubling to read then Senator Sessions praise of this law in his own January, 2015 immigration "Handbook" for Congressional Republicans, which he attempted to pass off as a measure intended to raise the living standards of American workers by limiting immigration. For a link to the Handbook, see:

Nothing could possibly be further from my intent than to compare Sessions with Hitler. There is obviously no basis whatsoever for that.

However, it is inconceivable that Sessions, with his long-standing interest in the immigration issue and his support for or associations with organizations such as FAIR, whose only goal is to reduce immigration, could have been unaware of the background and real purpose of the Coolidge era 1924 immigration law when he wrote about it so favorably in his immigration "Handbook" less than three years ago,

It was also disturbing to read Attorney General Sessions defense of the president's cruel decision to terminate DACA and cause incalculable hardship to almost 800,000 mainly Latino young people whom Sessions himself admitted pose no danger to America, by using the same patently false and meretricious excuse, namely that the purpose of terminating DACA was allegedly to protect the jobs and wages of American workers.

As another leading Republican, Senator Lindsey Graham (S.C.) pointed out in his reply to Sessions' remarks, there is no evidence that DREAMERS are taking jobs away from Americans, and a large number of DREAMERS are actually attending school rather than working.

However, near the end of his DACA statement, Sessions let the cat out of the bag about his real reasons for wanting the president to terminate that program - namely limiting or cutting off immigration from non-white areas of the world by scrapping the race-neutral 1965 immigration reform law that has been the basis of our system for the past half-century, and replacing it with the RAISE Act, a skewed "point system" heavily weighted in favor of European and, especially, English - speaking countries.

It would not be unfair or inaccurate to say that the RAISE Act serves essentially the same purpose, only updated by nearly a century, as the 1924 Coolidge-era whites-only immigration law which Jeff Sessions - and Adolf Hitler, admired so much.

The above shows that the issue involved in the president's decision (in which Sessions reportedly had such a large role) to terminate DACA is not one of enforcing the immigration laws to protect the American public against dangerous or harmful immigrants; nor is it one of protecting American jobs or raising wages or living standards - an issue which neither Sessions or many other anti-union, anti-minimum wage, anti-regulation Republicans have ever shown much interest in outside the immigration context.

The real issue involved in terminating DACA is the same issue that is involved in the RAISE Act, Trump's Muslim ban, his mass deportation dragnet, VOICE program and minority voter suppression commission, as well as his attacks on the H-1B visa, his "Buy American - Hire American" executive order; and, last but not least, his unpardonable pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who bragged openly about holding mainly Latino immigrants in what Arpaio himself called "concentration camp" conditions, while instilling fear and terror into immigrant communities.

It was also the central issue involved in the 1924 immigration law which Attorney General Sessions and Adolf Hitler both thought so highly of - making America whiter.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law